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Raven, November 2022

 November 2022

Then suddenly it was fall. Soon winter? It is snowing for real, and it's only November 3rd. This year may be one for fun snowy trips up in the mountains. It is our third straight La Nina year. She can bring the white fluffy stuff and some blustery weather. Strap on your spikes!

Annual General Meeting Reminder

Tuesday, Nov 8, 2022
Sunrise Community Centre
1950 Windermere Street, Vancouver

Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
Refreshments will be served
Photo Contest Winners & Gear Swap

Read the full  AGENDA here

November Trip Schedule

Evans Peak - Sat November 12th

Check the trip schedule during the month. We add new trips regularly. Want to join in on a trip? You can click here to find out more if you are a member. Not a member? Then come along as a guest. But, hey why not just join?  Contact membership@northshorehikers.org 

Sat 5 Nov D Hike
Baal and/or Midian Pk
Sun 6 Nov
8:00 am
A Hike
Norvan Falls
Tue 8 Nov
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
2022 AGM
Sat 12 Nov
8 am - 5 pm
C Hike Evan’s Peak
Sat 12 Nov
10:00 am
A Hike
Polytrichum Viewpoint, Halvor Lunden trail, Buntzen Lake,
Sat 19 Nov A Hike
Lakeview Trail/Buntzen Lake
Tue 22 Nov
8:00 am
Back-country Ski Yew Lake area Ski
Sun 27 Nov A Hike
A2b Hike To Be Announced

Grouse Mountain Regional Park Closure

​Grouse Mountain Regional Park is currently CLOSED due to helicopter operations in the park from Monday to Saturday, October 31 to November 14. The Grouse Grind, BCMC and Simic Trails are all inside park boundaries. The park will only open on Sundays, weather permitting. The Grouse Mountain Skyride is also closed and will re-open on November 11th.

Renew Your Membership

Annual memberships expire on November 30th. Take a minute to renew today.

Forgot your password? Reset it here. If you've already renewed, thank you so much and see you on the trails. Note: New members who joined in October or November 2022, don't need to renew until November 2023. Thanks so much from your membership team.

Trip Report: Golden Ears East Canyon Loop

by Carol Kautz

Thanks to Katy Poon who led eleven North Shore Hikers on this wonderful, fun hike in Golden Ears Park. Due to the changing temperatures and elevation gain, we had quite a few stops going up the East Canyon Trail. We crossed the bridge to the West Canyon Trail to look down over Gold Creek where the water level was low and then our next stop was Viewpoint Beach. We turned back from Viewpoint Beach and went to the connector loop trail where seven hikers stayed just below Gold Creek Lookout.

Four hikers, led by Bengul, scrambled up to the Upper falls and were glad they did. Out of the four, one became an expert tree hugger on the way down. After the four hikers descended the upper falls, the group descended to the lower falls, had another long break, and returned via the lower falls trail. Everyone was really social, and we all enjoyed the great company and the beautiful fall/summer day. Thank you, Katy, for all your work organizing this successful outing.

Thanks for reading and happy trails!

Now gimme that sandwich.

The Raven – October 2022

The Raven, October 2022

Brown leaves sway down from the tree tops. The chickadees and juncos are back from their alpine summers. Chatty Steller's jays hop alongside dry creekbeds. Our summer is winding down so slowly. Enjoy Augtober!

Acadian Beach
The 5-star biffy up at Whyte Lake
Old gun bunkers on Point Grey

LAST! Call for Photos 

North Shore Hikers members can submit one photo for each category, up until October 31, 2022.  More information and to submit. We will reveal the winners and runners up at the Annual General Meeting.

Category Prize
A scenery photo taken during a 2022 North Shore Hikers trip. $100
A scenery picture shot anytime or anywhere. $50
A wild animal (mammal, bird, reptile, insect, etc.) picture taken anytime, anywhere. $50
A wild plant (tree, flower, mushroom, etc.) photo taken anytime, anywhere. $50
A people (companions or locals) picture taken anytime, anywhere. $50
A humorous picture taken anytime, anywhere. $50

Russet Lake via Singing Pass and Musical Bumps

by Ye Chu

Two intrepid hikers met at 5:45 am at the Church to drive up to Whistler, where two other hikers waited for them in the Whistler parking lot. Our group was small but very efficient. We knew we had a challenge ahead of 26.16 km, 2200 cumulative elevation gain and catching the peak-to-peak gondola at 40:0 pm.

We hiked up 11.5 km to singing pass and another 3 km up to Russet lake. Two of us had lunch inside the Claire Kees Hut, relaxing with our feet up in the lounge area. Quite the treat!

After a short lunch, we headed down back to singing pass in glorious sunshine with temperatures at 26 C. From there we hiked the strenuous musical bumps: obo, piccolo and flute (remember, it is the best view in Garibaldi park). After a short 15 min break (2 pm), we headed down to the junction of high note and half note trails. Then we climbed up to the symphony bowl, down to symphony lake, up to harmony bowl, down to harmony lake and finally “yo-yoing” back up to the Whistler Peak-to Peak gondola. We arrived at 3:58 pm with 2 minutes to spare!  An exhausting day with a great group of hikers, who were very grateful for the summer-like weather

October Trip Schedule

Want to join in on a trip? If you are a member, you can click here to find out more. Not a member? Then come along as a guest. But, hey why not just join?  Contact membership@northshorehikers.org

Sat 8 Oct
6:30 am - 6:00 pm
C Hike
Cinder cone, Cheakamus Lake approach, Whistler Sat. Oct. 8/22
Sat 8 Oct
8:00 am
Dogs must be on a leash, Burnaby Mountain
Sun 9 Oct
8:00 am
A Hike
A2b, Crooked Falls
Mon 10 Oct
9:30 am - 2:30 pm
easy to intermediate
Cranberry Trail Bike Ride
Sun 16 Oct
8:00 am
A Hike
Golden Ears East Canyon Loop
Sun 23 Oct A Hike
Lower Hollyburn Hike
Fri 28 Oct -
Sun 30 Oct
8:00 am
Cycling Cowichan Valley multiday bike ride
Sat 29 Oct
9:15 am
A Hike
Dog Mountain

Trip Etiquette

Club trips are group trips. The leader will do his or her best to make the trip an enjoyable experience, but as a participant, you have a responsibility to:

  1. Be properly equipped.
  2. Be considerate of others and their abilities.
  3. Keep the pace of the group. If the pace is too fast or if you are having difficulty, tell the leader or the end person.
  4. Stay with the group and keep between the leader and end-person, unless the trip leader has explicitly made other arrangements. (For example, depending on group size and abilities, the leader may decide to split the group into two parties.)

Here are our Activity Guidelines to let you know how to prepare for a trip and what to expect.

Let’s Go Cycling!

by Cristina Jacobs
Our last cub social which was dedicated to cycling was attended by 20+ members interested in the subject. We had an animated round table discussion about rules of the road, insurance, and safe cycling habits. Our website has some information on cycling safety and local requirements. Most cycling requirements in BC are included in the Provincial MVA and local municipal bylaws. Note that cycling rules violations are about $109 per offence and are either payable to ICBC for MVA offences or the local City for municipal bylaws offences. We are planning to augment our website with information on these topics.
On cycling insurance here are some salient points:
  • Your NSH membership covers you on all club-sanctioned cycling trips in Canada or elsewhere, for all claims by a third party against you and the club. Also as a trip leader, you are provided additional legal protection.
  • Similar to incidents occurring during hiking trips, the trip leader must file an incident report for any cycling situations requiring advanced medical attention or/and a trip to the hospital
  • In BC and in the US, ICBC provides insurance to cyclists involved in a collision with a motor vehicle on an insurance system based on the no-fault model. You are covered, regardless of fault, for rehab expenses and wage losses. You must contact ICBC to file a claim. It is a good idea to have good evidence on the details of the incident, including pictures, witnesses, information on the driver, and if possible a police report.
  • In most cases, damage to your bicycle is not covered.
  • In general, theft and damage to your cycle are covered by homeowner or tenant insurance policies. You must check the deductible and the maximum replacement value offered under those policies.
  • If you have an expensive bike it is a good idea to obtain an additional cycle-specific insurance policy. They are available for about $30 -40 per year.
  • And last but not least, hitting a cyclist with a door of a parked car , also called dooring, is an offence that costs the driver $368.
Check the following website for information and maps on the local bike routes:  www.Letsgobiking.net

Thanks for reading and happy trails

The Raven – September 2022

The Raven

Who is ready for fall? Not me. There is still plenty of time to get out in the mountains. We have lots of hikes planned. Bonus: the superbad bug season is finally over. Phew!

Echo Summit looking west toward Crown and CN1
Lynn Canyon Douglas Maples
Whyte Lake
Mayne Island

Next Social Evening

Theme: Let’s go Cycling!

Tuesday, September 13th
Sunrise Community Hall, 1950 Windermere, Vancouver
Time: 7:30 p.m.- 9:30 p.m.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m.


Slides from international cycling trips

Road Safety for People on Bikes -  ICBC representative
Bicycle Insurance - a round table discussion

Everyone is welcome, members and guests alike
Parking free on the nearby streets
Individually wrapped snacks and drinks
Gear swap + prize draws

September Trip Schedule

Want to join in on a trip? If you are a member, you can click here to find out more. Not a member? Then come along as a guest. But, hey why not just join?  Contact membership@northshorehikers.org

Sat 3 Sep
6:30 am - 6:00 pm
C Hike
Brandywine Mountain
Sat 3 Sep
8:15 am
A Hike
A2b, Beer, Fish & Chips, Crossover Hike/Cypress Falls to Horseshoe Bay, Car-free day (in reverse order of course)
Mon 5 Sep
9:30 am - 5:00 pm
moderate pace
Bike around Barnston Island
Sat 10 Sep
7:00 am - 6:00 pm
C Hike
Last magnificant ancient forest in Whistler and Cougar Mountain hike
Tue 13 Sep
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Social Club Social Evening
Sat 17 Sep A Hike Deas Island - in the fall. 6090 Deas Island Rd, Delta, BC
Sat 17 Sep
6:00 am - 6:00 pm
C Hike Skywalk full loop from iceberg lake to screaming cat lake -20 km
Sun 18 Sep
7:00 am - 4:00 pm
B Hike
Petgill Lake trail maintenance day
Sat 24 Sep A Hike Iona beach - North Jetty

Photo Contest 

Don't forget about our photo contest! North Shore Hikers members can submit one photo for each category until October 31, 2022. For more information and how to submit >>

Winning photos or commended from  2020

Featured Trip: Capilano Pacific

Cap Pacific Hikers with Millie (the leader)

Ralphie and Carol


Ralphie and Millie

Of the eight hikers who met at the Rabbit Lane trailhead, we had one guest and 3 new members on their first hikes. Ralphie, the beagle, who just moved into his forever home, had a non-stop waggy tail until his mom went into the woods. Tail stopped, he stared at where she went and did not stop howling until she returned. Being a beagle, he was leashed the whole time. Millie, on the other hand, was very chill and was off her leash on all the leash-optional trails. Wasn’t long before Ralphie realized he had a new mentor. He needed a little help when it came to drinking out of streams. It was very hot and his mom had a hard time coaxing him to drink, but Millie did a great job showing him. When we got to Cleveland damn, Ralphie hung out happily at the picnic table while Mom took a little break. The water in the reservoir was very low, and the outflow at the dam was very reduced. We stopped at the hatchery and there was some pretty good Coho action. Returned to the trailhead at about 13:30. Millie and Ralphie were the stars today.

Thanks for reading! Happy trails, everyone.

Coliseum Mountain

The Raven – Summer 2022

The Raven - Summer 2022

Ah summertime, summertime. The forest is storing up energy for winter. Sunny skies, turquoise lakes, melting snowfields, the alpine in bloom and bugs aplenty. There's just no better way to beat the heat than to head up into the forest, or strip off and jump in an alpine lake. Is there?

Viewpoint on Mt. Killam - Gambier Island
The Mt. Killam Camel
Deas Island bike ride
3 Chiefs hikers

New Club Logo

We have updated our logo! The meaning has not changed "Exploring together in the outdoors" but the look and feel is more modern. You will start seeing the new logo on our website and in other communications.




August Trip Schedule

Want to join in on a trip? If you are a member, you can click here to find out more. Not a member? Then come along as a guest. But, hey why not just join?  Contact membership@northshorehikers.org



Tue 2 Aug - Thu 4 Aug Camp
A1a to B2b
Manning Park
Tue 2 Aug
6:30 pm - 7:45 pm
Cycling Evening Bike Trip around Richmond
Sat 6 Aug
8:00 am
B Hike
West Knob via Whyte Lake in West Vancouver
Sun 7 Aug A Hike
A2b, Mt. Parke Loop hike, Mayne Island
Thu 11 Aug
9:30 am
Easy Cycle
Easy Bike Ride at Spanish Banks, and swim, relaxed pace
Sat 13 Aug
8:00 am
A Hike
A2b, Crooked Falls, Squamish area
Sun 14 Aug A Hike
Bowen Island Ramble, A2a, Slow paced, New Members Welcome
Tue 23 Aug
9:30 am
A Hike
Black Mountain via Baden Powell Trail, A2a
Sat 27 Aug
7:00 am - 7:00 pm
C Hike
Goat Ridge, Squamish
Sun 28 Aug
9:30 am
A Hike
Fishermens’s Trail area / Rice Lake

Presenters Wanted - Cycling Theme

Our social nights are created by you! The next theme is "Cycling" Did you go on a cycle tour? a bikepacking trip? find some gravel trails? Our social convener is looking for people to share their photos and experience for 15 minutes at the next social, on September 13th. Please contact Cristina.

Photo Contest 

Don't forget about our photo contest! North Shore Hikers members can submit one photo for each category until October 31, 2022. For more information and how to submit >>

Category Prize
A scenery photo taken during a 2022 North Shore Hikers trip. $100
A scenery picture shot anytime, anywhere. $50
A wild animal (mammal, bird, reptile, insect, etc.) picture taken anytime, anywhere. $50
A wild plant (tree, flower, mushroom, etc.) photo taken anytime, anywhere. $50
A people (companions or locals) picture taken anytime, anywhere. $50
A humorous picture taken anytime, anywhere. $50

Garibaldi Lake campground closed due to flooding

High heat and the unseasonably large snowpack has caused the lake to rise and flood the Garibaldi Lake Campground. This  is blocking access in or out of the campground. The Garibaldi Lake Campground will be closed until the lake recedes to a safe level. Please check back here for further updates.


Lynn Headwaters Lease Expires

Home to the 4th largest girth tree in Canada, Lynn Headwaters park is on land leased from the province for 30 years. That term is up and conservationist and lawyer Paul Hundal, who lives in West Vancouver, is using the opportunity to petition for permanent park status that would protect the area in perpetuity. In his view, a short-term lease is designed to give the province the option of logging the area in the future if it chooses then to do so.
Learn More >>

Thanks for reading, Happy Summer Trails

Rockwall - Kootenay National Park




The Raven June 2022

The Raven - June 2022

Wow. May was wet. Really wet. But we got some great trips in anyways. Our club is waterproof! Even so, I am sure we are all hoping for a better June.

Mount Gardner Summitt
Fraser River Bike Ride
Fisherman's Trail Hike

June Trip Schedule

Want to join in on a trip? If you are a member, you can click here to find out more. Not a member? Then come along as a guest. But, hey why not just join?  Contact membership@northshorehikers.org

Sun 5 Jun
9:45 am
A Hike - A3b BCMC Hike
Sat 11 Jun A Hike
Pitt-Addington Marsh, Great Birding Hike
Sun 12 Jun
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
B Hike - B2a Al’s Habrich Ridge Trail (from gondola)
Sun 12 Jun
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Cycling - easy to moderate pace Richmond bike ride
Tue 14 Jun - Wed 15 Jun Cycling
Easy pace
Saltspring Island bike camp
Sun 19 Jun B Hike
Full Pull Hike, Coquitlam B2b
Wed 22 June B Hike
Mount Galiano and Bluffs
Sun 26 Jun D Hike
The Nai (FMCBC hike)
Sun 26 Jun
10:00 am
Hollyburn Mountain
Mon 27 Jun
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Club Social Evening

Why Carpool?

If at all possible, please try to carpool to trailheads. We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the requirement for electrical power by sharing. Some members do not have vehicles and would appreciate a ride. In addition, the pressure for parking in neighbourhoods close to trailheads can be problematic. To compensate drivers for fuel and maintenance, we suggest a $7.00 fee which should be paid at the end of each adventure. Thanks for taking care of the environment and helping each other out.

Next Social Features Adventure Smart Presentation

Join us on Monday, June 27th at our next social evening to learn more about outdoor preparedness. Discover best practices and more. All are welcome - members and guests.

  • Trip Planning - making a plan and leaving a trip plan.
  • Training - physical, certification-based, mentorship, mental strength, decision making.
  • Taking the Essentials - basic safety items, plus adding season and sport-specific gear.
  • What to do in an emergency - who to call for help, when to call for help, how to call for help, no charge for rescue, the S.T.O.P. analogy and signalling S.O.S.

Featured Trip: Al's Habrich Ridge

by Anita Leonard

The day dawned cold and cloudy, in keeping with the general temperament of this miserable spring. Showers were forecast for later in the day, precluding any hope of a brighter afternoon. But despite the uninspiring weather, an even dozen of intrepid souls showed up for the hike from the base of the Chief to the top of the Sea to Sky gondola and beyond. Like me, I’m sure everyone else had given up on waiting for better weather, since better weather was clearly not on its way any time soon.

The Sea to Summit trail is often described as the Sea to Summit Grind, but it’s really not much of a grind at all. While it has an elevation gain of 850m, it’s spread out over 8km. Moreover, the Sea to Summit trail is really very lovely, offering close-up views of Olesen and Shannon Creeks, dramatic outcroppings of Squamish granite, and of course the always wonderful, drippingly-lush forest.

The extremely good company provided by all the participants made the hike fly by. We ran into a bit of snow just before the gondola base-station, but overall, there was less snow on this portion than expected.

We settled down for a well-deserved lunch with some not-so-bad views of Howe Sound and miscellaneous mountains peeking out briefly from behind the clouds. The predicted showers had abated and the station was buzzing with tourist gamely making the best of things. Here we left a few of our party behind since their hiking appetites were already sated. But eight of us were still hungry for a little bit more and so we ventured on to Al’s Habrich Ridge Trail.

By now, the snow-cover was pretty constant. Snowshoes were good at first, but then the terrain became a bit more challenging and the snow more slippery. Soon we were all back to microspikes, which had the benefit of not acting like toboggans when you least expected it, but had the disadvantage of not preventing you, even a little bit, from sinking deeply into the soft snow with some regularity.

As we slowly progressed, our attrition rate began to go up until at last we were all ready to call it a day. A few peak-a-boo mountain views later, we were swooping back down on the gondola over the terrain that had taken us hours to hike up. All in all, it was a great day and a great hike.

Thanks for reading and Happy Trails

Panther Peak and Tetrahedron from Mt. Liddell

The Raven, April 2022

Hydraulic Creek trail - Attempt at Paton Peak

Spring Renewal

It is certainly feeling like spring out there. But up in the alpine, plenty of snow will still greet you (snowshoes or spikes? the eternal question).  April is a time of renewal and regeneration. Everything feels fresh again. Lots of new things are happening in your club. This is the "New" edition of The Raven. After all, that's what news should be.

New - Waivers

The Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC has updated their waivers and that means we get new ones as well. If you are signed in and go to the schedule page, you will be automatically asked to sign a new waiver. This is legit, so please do it.

Bike Stash Hydraulic Creek

New - Trip Guidelines for Leaders

Wondering how to lead a trip? There's a guideline for that. Our new guidelines for trip leaders are abbreviated in a single document for both hike and bike trips. We tried to streamline them to make it easy. Remember too that you can always ask any seasoned leaders for help. We are a friendly bunch. On that note: "seasoned leaders"  we have changed the email to send in your signup sheets from tripreports@northshorehikers.org to signupsheets@northshorehikers.org to make it super-duper obvious where to send them. Yes, duper.

Howe Sound from Wettin Peak

New  - Carpooling Fees

Well, nobody likes fee increases, but here we are. We've raised the suggested amount for driver reimbursement.  As the costs of maintaining and fuelling vehicles go up due to inflation, we suggest $7.00 per person/hour of driving time on paved roads and $12.00 /hour on rough logging roads, and in adverse conditions. Inflation sucks! Buy Bitcoin.

Its cherry blossom show time

New - April Trip Schedule

Want to join in on a trip? If you are a member, you can click here to find out more. Not a member? Then come along as a guest. But, hey why not just join?  Contact membership@northshorehikers.org

Sat 2 Apr B2b Mt. Galiano  medium pace
Sat 2 Apr
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
A2a Burnaby Mountain medium pace
Sat 2 Apr
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Cycling 6 lake Cycle from Trout lake to Coquiltam’s Lafarge lake on quiet trails/sideroads
Sun 3 Apr
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Cycling Cycling White Rock: 1000-year-old Semiahmoo trail, Nicomekl river trail, Elgin park, Blackie spit, Crescent beach and more
Tue 5 Apr Back-country Ski Mt Seymour
Sat 9 Apr Back-country Ski
Alpen Mtn snowshoers welcome
Sat 9 Apr A1a Jug Island
Fri 15 Apr D3d Zum Pk long tough day optional car camping Thursday night
Sat 16 Apr A2a East Canyon/Hiker’s Beach, Golden Ears moderate pace
Tue 19 Apr A2b Raindancer (lower Seymour over to Quarry Rock)
Sat 23 Apr Snow Hike
Elfin Shelters
Vehicles require snow tires and chains
relaxed pace
Sat 23 Apr C3c Mt. Fletcher (Chehalis) medium/fast pace
Sun 24 Apr
8:45 am
A1a Pacific Spirit Park, A1a
Tue 26 Apr Back-country Ski Mt Strachan (or Seymour)
Sat 30 Apr
8:00 am
A2a Two Canyons medium pace
Spongy tree up Hydraulic Creek Trail

12 Secrets to Successful Multi-day Trip Planning

  1. Decide on the destination
  2. Research the destination including but not limited to: best time to go, potential itinerary, potential accommodations, travel arrangements, potential guiding professionals
  3. Contact the  multi-day coordinator, currently Diane Whiteley, for advice and approval in principle to advertise the trip on the NSH website
  4. Issue a formal request for expressions of interest from members
  5. Maintain a list of interested parties and communicate with the people on that list
  6. Hold a face-to-face meeting  to start defining the details ( time of the year, duration, proposed itinerary)
  7. Continue to  refine the details  with committed people
  8. Suggestions of approaches to coordinate the trip: have a co-leader; commit only to provide relevant information on flights/transportation /guiding companies/accommodations and leave actual arrangements and payments to the individual participants; provide a detailed list of daily activities and exact dates for the trip; choose a meeting point/time/date to start and end the trip
  9. If there are any costs to be shared, charge people early in the process. That can eliminate people who are not committed
  10. There are instances when accommodations can be arranged by the organizer for all participants, such as renting a camping group site or an entire hostel. In these situations, a full deposit is required from participants. The organizer or the club pays the charge and recovers the costs from the deposits.
  11. In case of cancellations, the organizer and the cancelling party work together to find a replacement. At no time, is the organizer responsible for covering the cost of the cancellation.
  12. AFTER your trip: Write a wonderful trip report and make a presentation at one of our club socials.
Where are you going next?

What Happened? in 1976/78

Okay, not new. But still cool. Here's a snippet from our past.

In 1976 the membership fee doubled from $1.00 to $2.00. Whoa! Highway robbery. An introductory fee was also considered as a way of reducing the annual turnover of 250 people/year, but this was rejected. In 1978, the average number of people out each Sunday was 70. That's huge!!

Looking toward Pump from Tim Jones

Happy Trails and thanks for reading

The Raven, March 2022

The pyramid and the camel on Crown from Dam Mt
A gang on the hunt for Blue Gentian Lake
Mark has a snow day on Hollyburn
Backcountry skiing at Diamond Head

March Comes in Like a Lion

Up above in the mountains, the latest "weather event" is creating a massive avalanche no-go zone. Bummer. On the brighter side, this gives your executive some time to sit in front of computers, talk to each other and decide "things." One of those things is a new forum to help us all benefit from each other's knowledge and surplus gear.

Let's hope that March goes out like a lamb.


New "Gear" Forum

Maybe that Patagonia puffy jacket doesn't fit exactly right? Want to learn which In-Reach is right for you? There's a forum for that.  Sell some gear and/or ask for gear advice. Post your questions and items for sale (or for free) here. (p.s. This is a Member's Only forum - yet another reason why you should join)

March Trips

Want to join in on a trip? If you are a member, you can click here to find out more. Not a member? Then come along as a guest. But, hey why not just join?  Contact membership@northshorehikers.org

Sat 5 Mar
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
A Hike
Capilano Pacific Detour   Medium pace
Tue 8 Mar Back-country Ski Hollyburn Mtn
Sat 12 Mar D Hike
Four Brothers Mtn Medium fast pace
Sat 12 Mar Back-country Ski Hanging Lake
Sat 12 Mar
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
A Hike
Whyte Lake via Old Helipad
Sat 19 Mar Back-country Ski
Alpen Mtn Snowshoers welcome
Sat 19 Mar A Hike
Burnaby Mtn Limit of 7 hikers
Sat 19 Mar Snow Hike
Elfin Lakes   Relaxed pace
Vehicles require snow tires and chains
Sat 26 Mar B Hike
Mt. Galiano Medium pace
Sat 26 Mar D Hike
Scutt Pk (Anderson Lk) long tough day, optional car camping Friday night
Sat 26 Mar
8:00 a.m.
A Hike
Mystery Hike TBA Medium pace
Tue 29 Mar Back-country Ski Leader’s choice


February's Feature Trip Report

DePencier Bluffs from Deep Cove Outlook
Led by Karen Peters

Seven of us met at Deep Cove Lookout, put on our spikes, loaded up our snowshoes and started up the Perimeter Trail. Trail conditions at the beginning were a mix of bare ground and frozen snow patches. We passed the Goldie Lake area and the first lookout without incident – meaning we did not encounter the usual caution tape, “No Trespassing” signs and Seymour Resort’s patrols trying to turn back unpaid-up hikers. Nor was there any sign of the usual groomed snowshoe trails in this particular area... read on >>

BC Parks Day Pass System Survey

Do you love or hate the day pass system? The 2020 BC Parks survey about the day pass system did not collect information about those people unsuccessful in obtaining a day pass nor those who chose not to obtain a day pass. The Friends of Garibaldi Park Society is seeking deeper insight from day pass park users. Take the survey here. It's super short and easy.


Canada Helps Restore Trans-Bhutan Trail

 The Bhutan Canada Foundation, in partnership with the Tourism Council of Bhutan and others, is working to restore and reconnect a 16th-century trail. The Trans-Bhutan Project will rejuvenate 403km (250 miles) of trail from Haa in the west to Trashigang in the east. The trail connected regional fortresses, known as dzongs, and came to be symbolically important as part of the establishment of Bhutan as a nation. 

The Bhutan Canada Foundation provided stimulus funding and accelerated the building of the Trail by hiring more than 900 unemployed workers in the villages along the route. The King will open the trail this month. 

Thanks for reading! Tailwinds to all.

Skate park on the Family Day "two-bridges" ride
Approaching Deeks Lake


The Raven February, 2022

Year of the Tiger

Happy Lunar New Year

According to the Interwebs, in order to navigate Tiger years, we will require bravery, courage and strength. Here are a few shots from a recent unintentional trip to Wag Peak that probably required all three! This hike didn't go exactly as planned (surprise) but ended well. Let's hope all your trips run smoothly in the Year of the Tiger.  Read the trip report here.

February Trips

Want to join in on a trip? If you are a member, you can click here to find out more. Not a member? Well, then you can't. But, hey why not just join us to find out more?  Or contact membership@northshorehikers.org. We are super awesome, brave, courageous and strong (also humble). Tigers only need apply  : )

Sat 5 Feb
7:00 am - 5:00 pm
C Hike
Mount St. Benedict snowshoe hike  Moderate pace
Sat 5 Feb
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
A Hike
Capilano-Pacific detour Pace: medium; the equivalent of 6 km/hour on flat wide surface such as the seawall
Sun 6 Feb
11:30 am - 2:00 pm
Cycle trip-easy-Vancouver route Easy cycle
Thu 10 Feb A Hike Tunnel Bluffs Mid-week hike moderate pace
Sat 12 Feb
8:45 am
A Hike
Minnekhada Park Loop A1a Normal  relaxed pace
Thu 17 Feb Back-country Ski Hollyburn
Sat 19 Feb C Hike
Lookout Pk (Harrison Lake) Medium Fast Pace
Mon 21 Feb Back-country Ski Diamond Head
Mon 21 Feb Cycling
Family Day Two Bridges Bike ride relaxed pace
Sat 26 Feb A Hike
Blue Gentian Lake Loop A2b  Slow relaxed pace
Sat 26 Feb D Hike
Lone Bear Pk long tough trip - possibly 2 days
Mon 28 Feb B Hike
Elk Mountain Snowshoe Hike moderate pace, not slow

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Improved Outdoor Recreation Access

This quick and easy petition from the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC sends an email to your MLA to encourage them to budget for more $$ for recreation in your region. Super fast and easy to fill in.

North Shore Hikers Remove Graffiti

On a recent hike, North Shore Hikers removed graffiti from a sensitive First Nations site featuring pictographs. Tagging pictographs? Whaaaa? That's just super uncool. Thanks to member volunteers who helped out.

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