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Irene Miller

In February, North Shore Hikers lost a longtime member, Irene Miller, after a short illness at the age of 88. Irene was best known as our A hike coordinator leading hikes until 3 years ago! She held this position for many years and seemed to have a knack of getting members to volunteer to lead hikes. Irene’s knowledge of the north shore mountains was exemplary. For many of us, it helped us understand the maze of trails in the region. Her good sense of direction made it look easy to return to the trail head without getting lost. As a member for over 30 years, she holds the record for leading the most hikes for the club.

She was a very private person. We never knew exactly how old she was even refusing to disclose it to the medics when she needed first aid having injured herself on a hike. Many of us also didn’t realize that she was well known in other outdoor clubs, volunteering on their executives as well!

Irene will be remembered for her dedication, reliability, and conscientiousness during the years she devoted to providing and organizing hikes.

Her husband predeceased her 3 years ago and she leaves behind a son and daughter. The NSH have lost a member who will be thought of with great fondness for years to come.

Irene Miller Irene Miller

By Beth Kitts

Obituary Fritz

It is with regret that I  announce the passing of Fritz Durst on March  9th, as announced in the Vancouver Sun March 29, 2019. He was a strong NSH member in the 70’s and 80’s. He was visually challenged. In a hike, it was always a pleasure to hold a ski pole in front of him while he was holding the other end, feeling all the movement of the front person and all the while making interesting conversation and enjoying the environment. He was strong even doing snowshoeing and always in good spirits, even if he would miss a step and stumble which happened rarely.
It was an honour and a pleasure to have known and hiked with him.

Gabriel Mazoret