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Annual General Meeting Notice

North Shore Hikers Society Annual General Meeting

7:00 PM

Tuesday, Nov 8, 2022
Sunrise Community Centre
1950 Windermere Street, Vancouver

Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
Refreshments will be served
Photo Contest Winners & Gear Swap


  1. Call to Order by Carol Kautz, President, at 7:00 PM
  2. Quorum is thirty members
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Approval of November 19, 2021, AGM Minutes 
  5. Reports from Executive Committee (please reserve any questions until after all reports are completed)
    • President: Carol Kautz
    • Treasurer: Kira Wu
    • FMCBC Rep: Cristina Jacob
    • Membership Secretary & Trail Clearing Planner: Andrew Wong
    • Webmaster Report: Mark Latham
    • Trip Report Secretary: Carol Kautz
    • Planning Coordinator: Alastair Ferries

6. New Business

(a) Election of New Executive Committee and Appointments

Proposed Candidates and Vacancies

(b) Increase in Club fees from $25 - $30, due to an increase in club insurance premiums for 2023 and website maintenance

(c) Website rebuild budget – Mark Latham and Heather Drugge

(d) Bylaw changes

Existing Bylaws  

Proposed Bylaw Changes 

(e) Honouring Ye Chu for Lifetime Membership Award – Carol Kautz

BREAK: Gear Swap bring any gear you would like to sell and come prepared to buy 

  1. New Business (continued)

(f) Photo Contest Winners, Vote for Humourous Photo - Alastair Ferries

(g) Special NSH Trip Leaders contest winners – Alastair Ferries

(h) Christmas Party

(i) Anything else from attendees?

7. Adjourn

The Raven – October 2022

The Raven, October 2022

Brown leaves sway down from the tree tops. The chickadees and juncos are back from their alpine summers. Chatty Steller's jays hop alongside dry creekbeds. Our summer is winding down so slowly. Enjoy Augtober!

Acadian Beach
The 5-star biffy up at Whyte Lake
Old gun bunkers on Point Grey

LAST! Call for Photos 

North Shore Hikers members can submit one photo for each category, up until October 31, 2022.  More information and to submit. We will reveal the winners and runners up at the Annual General Meeting.

Category Prize
A scenery photo taken during a 2022 North Shore Hikers trip. $100
A scenery picture shot anytime or anywhere. $50
A wild animal (mammal, bird, reptile, insect, etc.) picture taken anytime, anywhere. $50
A wild plant (tree, flower, mushroom, etc.) photo taken anytime, anywhere. $50
A people (companions or locals) picture taken anytime, anywhere. $50
A humorous picture taken anytime, anywhere. $50

Russet Lake via Singing Pass and Musical Bumps

by Ye Chu

Two intrepid hikers met at 5:45 am at the Church to drive up to Whistler, where two other hikers waited for them in the Whistler parking lot. Our group was small but very efficient. We knew we had a challenge ahead of 26.16 km, 2200 cumulative elevation gain and catching the peak-to-peak gondola at 40:0 pm.

We hiked up 11.5 km to singing pass and another 3 km up to Russet lake. Two of us had lunch inside the Claire Kees Hut, relaxing with our feet up in the lounge area. Quite the treat!

After a short lunch, we headed down back to singing pass in glorious sunshine with temperatures at 26 C. From there we hiked the strenuous musical bumps: obo, piccolo and flute (remember, it is the best view in Garibaldi park). After a short 15 min break (2 pm), we headed down to the junction of high note and half note trails. Then we climbed up to the symphony bowl, down to symphony lake, up to harmony bowl, down to harmony lake and finally “yo-yoing” back up to the Whistler Peak-to Peak gondola. We arrived at 3:58 pm with 2 minutes to spare!  An exhausting day with a great group of hikers, who were very grateful for the summer-like weather

October Trip Schedule

Want to join in on a trip? If you are a member, you can click here to find out more. Not a member? Then come along as a guest. But, hey why not just join?  Contact membership@northshorehikers.org

Sat 8 Oct
6:30 am - 6:00 pm
C Hike
Cinder cone, Cheakamus Lake approach, Whistler Sat. Oct. 8/22
Sat 8 Oct
8:00 am
Dogs must be on a leash, Burnaby Mountain
Sun 9 Oct
8:00 am
A Hike
A2b, Crooked Falls
Mon 10 Oct
9:30 am - 2:30 pm
easy to intermediate
Cranberry Trail Bike Ride
Sun 16 Oct
8:00 am
A Hike
Golden Ears East Canyon Loop
Sun 23 Oct A Hike
Lower Hollyburn Hike
Fri 28 Oct -
Sun 30 Oct
8:00 am
Cycling Cowichan Valley multiday bike ride
Sat 29 Oct
9:15 am
A Hike
Dog Mountain

Trip Etiquette

Club trips are group trips. The leader will do his or her best to make the trip an enjoyable experience, but as a participant, you have a responsibility to:

  1. Be properly equipped.
  2. Be considerate of others and their abilities.
  3. Keep the pace of the group. If the pace is too fast or if you are having difficulty, tell the leader or the end person.
  4. Stay with the group and keep between the leader and end-person, unless the trip leader has explicitly made other arrangements. (For example, depending on group size and abilities, the leader may decide to split the group into two parties.)

Here are our Activity Guidelines to let you know how to prepare for a trip and what to expect.

Let’s Go Cycling!

by Cristina Jacobs
Our last cub social which was dedicated to cycling was attended by 20+ members interested in the subject. We had an animated round table discussion about rules of the road, insurance, and safe cycling habits. Our website has some information on cycling safety and local requirements. Most cycling requirements in BC are included in the Provincial MVA and local municipal bylaws. Note that cycling rules violations are about $109 per offence and are either payable to ICBC for MVA offences or the local City for municipal bylaws offences. We are planning to augment our website with information on these topics.
On cycling insurance here are some salient points:
  • Your NSH membership covers you on all club-sanctioned cycling trips in Canada or elsewhere, for all claims by a third party against you and the club. Also as a trip leader, you are provided additional legal protection.
  • Similar to incidents occurring during hiking trips, the trip leader must file an incident report for any cycling situations requiring advanced medical attention or/and a trip to the hospital
  • In BC and in the US, ICBC provides insurance to cyclists involved in a collision with a motor vehicle on an insurance system based on the no-fault model. You are covered, regardless of fault, for rehab expenses and wage losses. You must contact ICBC to file a claim. It is a good idea to have good evidence on the details of the incident, including pictures, witnesses, information on the driver, and if possible a police report.
  • In most cases, damage to your bicycle is not covered.
  • In general, theft and damage to your cycle are covered by homeowner or tenant insurance policies. You must check the deductible and the maximum replacement value offered under those policies.
  • If you have an expensive bike it is a good idea to obtain an additional cycle-specific insurance policy. They are available for about $30 -40 per year.
  • And last but not least, hitting a cyclist with a door of a parked car , also called dooring, is an offence that costs the driver $368.
Check the following website for information and maps on the local bike routes:  www.Letsgobiking.net

Thanks for reading and happy trails