The Raven, March 2022

The pyramid and the camel on Crown from Dam Mt
A gang on the hunt for Blue Gentian Lake
Mark has a snow day on Hollyburn
Backcountry skiing at Diamond Head

March Comes in Like a Lion

Up above in the mountains, the latest "weather event" is creating a massive avalanche no-go zone. Bummer. On the brighter side, this gives your executive some time to sit in front of computers, talk to each other and decide "things." One of those things is a new forum to help us all benefit from each other's knowledge and surplus gear.

Let's hope that March goes out like a lamb.


New "Gear" Forum

Maybe that Patagonia puffy jacket doesn't fit exactly right? Want to learn which In-Reach is right for you? There's a forum for that.  Sell some gear and/or ask for gear advice. Post your questions and items for sale (or for free) here. (p.s. This is a Member's Only forum - yet another reason why you should join)

March Trips

Want to join in on a trip? If you are a member, you can click here to find out more. Not a member? Then come along as a guest. But, hey why not just join?  Contact

Sat 5 Mar
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
A Hike
Capilano Pacific Detour   Medium pace
Tue 8 Mar Back-country Ski Hollyburn Mtn
Sat 12 Mar D Hike
Four Brothers Mtn Medium fast pace
Sat 12 Mar Back-country Ski Hanging Lake
Sat 12 Mar
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
A Hike
Whyte Lake via Old Helipad
Sat 19 Mar Back-country Ski
Alpen Mtn Snowshoers welcome
Sat 19 Mar A Hike
Burnaby Mtn Limit of 7 hikers
Sat 19 Mar Snow Hike
Elfin Lakes   Relaxed pace
Vehicles require snow tires and chains
Sat 26 Mar B Hike
Mt. Galiano Medium pace
Sat 26 Mar D Hike
Scutt Pk (Anderson Lk) long tough day, optional car camping Friday night
Sat 26 Mar
8:00 a.m.
A Hike
Mystery Hike TBA Medium pace
Tue 29 Mar Back-country Ski Leader’s choice


February's Feature Trip Report

DePencier Bluffs from Deep Cove Outlook
Led by Karen Peters

Seven of us met at Deep Cove Lookout, put on our spikes, loaded up our snowshoes and started up the Perimeter Trail. Trail conditions at the beginning were a mix of bare ground and frozen snow patches. We passed the Goldie Lake area and the first lookout without incident – meaning we did not encounter the usual caution tape, “No Trespassing” signs and Seymour Resort’s patrols trying to turn back unpaid-up hikers. Nor was there any sign of the usual groomed snowshoe trails in this particular area... read on >>

BC Parks Day Pass System Survey

Do you love or hate the day pass system? The 2020 BC Parks survey about the day pass system did not collect information about those people unsuccessful in obtaining a day pass nor those who chose not to obtain a day pass. The Friends of Garibaldi Park Society is seeking deeper insight from day pass park users. Take the survey here. It's super short and easy.


Canada Helps Restore Trans-Bhutan Trail

 The Bhutan Canada Foundation, in partnership with the Tourism Council of Bhutan and others, is working to restore and reconnect a 16th-century trail. The Trans-Bhutan Project will rejuvenate 403km (250 miles) of trail from Haa in the west to Trashigang in the east. The trail connected regional fortresses, known as dzongs, and came to be symbolically important as part of the establishment of Bhutan as a nation. 

The Bhutan Canada Foundation provided stimulus funding and accelerated the building of the Trail by hiring more than 900 unemployed workers in the villages along the route. The King will open the trail this month. 

Thanks for reading! Tailwinds to all.

Skate park on the Family Day "two-bridges" ride
Approaching Deeks Lake