The Raven's Call

Winter 2021/2022 

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Whoa, let’s play in the snow! With over 100 cm of fresh on the hills this week the mountains are looking superb. But with all the snow, please be careful in the backcountry. 

Make sure you consult Avalanche Canada’s site for the area you are interested in. Put a link to their South Coast forecast on your phone so you can check it anytime, anywhere. 

Avalanche Training Discount

Canada West Mountain School is offering 20% off any AST-1 course for North Shore Hikers members. Their AST-1 course for back-country skiing and AST-1 for snowshoeing cost $285. Interested? Please contact Alastair Ferries 604-329-1637 or to receive a discount code.

Hike Leaders Needed

The best way to attract club members is to fill the schedule with interesting and varied hikes at all ability levels. To do this, we need more hike leaders. If we all agreed to lead just one hike per year, we’d have a lively program full of choices in no time. 

Most of us don’t just hike with our club, but also with other groups and personal friends. We invite you to share some of the hikes you’ve learned about and enjoyed, by proposing them on the schedule and leading them. We really need more B and C hikes.

And that’s the beauty of joining a hiking club: you learn new routes and meet new, compatible people to hike with. Don’t worry about leading a hike: if you’re already comfortable with whatever level of hiking you normally do, you know what it takes in terms of fitness and stamina. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Decide which hike you would like to lead and when
  2. Categorize it as per our system here
  3. Create a trip announcement with details about location, category, date, time,  pace, car-pool spot etc.
  4. Email this information to the club trip planner depending on the category. He or she will post it to the schedule. Or if you are a pro, post it to the schedule directly using the add event function on the website, then wait for the trip planner to approve it. 


Get the Picture? 2022 Photo Contest

We are pleased to announce a member's Photo Contest for 2022! North Shore Hikers members can submit one photo for each category, up until October 31, 2022. There are six categories:

Category Prize
A scenery photo from a 2022 North Shore Hikers trip. $100
A scenery picture shot anytime, anywhere. $50
A (wild) animal (mammal, bird, reptile, insect, etc.) picture taken anytime, anywhere. $50
A (wild) plant (tree, flower, mushroom, etc.) photo taken anytime, anywhere.  $50
A people (companions or locals) picture taken anytime, anywhere.  $50
A humorous photo snapped anytime, anywhere.  $50

Professional photographer, Chris Barton, will judge the entries in the first five categories. At the November Annual General Meeting, he will present a slide show of the winners and best submissions. At the AGM members will cast their vote for the best humorous submission. For rules and how to submit, click here.

New Instagram Account north_shore_hikers_bc

Send us photos. Email photos from hikes etc. to If there are any recognizable people in them please ask their permission to be on Instagram (scenery pictures are also encouraged). Like our posts, comment, share. Tell your friends and family about the Instagram page, the more the merrier.

Woof! Dogs and our Hikes

We are discussing the idea of including “dog-friendly” hikes. These hikes would allow dogs at the trip leader’s discretion -- so long as the trail permits our furry friends and all potential participants are made aware of the possible presence of dogs prior to the hike. 

Carpooling is a Gas (or an E)

We are all in this (car) together. In addition to protecting each other from Covid-19 by wearing masks, please ensure you contribute to operating costs. The suggested rate is $5.00 per person/hour of driving on paved roads and $10.00 per hour on rough logging roads or in adverse conditions. If the driver prefers cookies, gummy bears or hotshots as compensation, that is cool and they can let you know, but always offer. If you switch rides, going to the hike with one person and back with another, offer the appropriate treat to each. 

New Vision Mission Values

The executive recently approved a new set of Vision, Mission and Values statements for the club.

Our Mission

To inspire members, potential members and the general public to safely engage in self-propelled outdoor activities in the spirit of camaraderie and appreciation of nature.

Our Vision

To facilitate participation in self-propelled activities (such as hiking, biking, canoeing, snowshoeing, and backcountry skiing) by offering and leading a wide variety of trips every week, year-round. 

Our Values

Discovery: Explore routes and trails both new and not well-travelled.

Excellence: Provide effective leadership for all participants and thoughtful mentorship for members new to an activity.

Respect:  Foster deep respect for the environment and ecology. 

Service: Be of benefit to our stakeholders and the public. 

Integrity: Carry out all our endeavours safely, with responsibility and accountability beyond reproach.