Photo Contest

Welcome to the 2022 Photo Contest. North Shore Hikers members can submit one photo for each category, up until October 31, 2022. 

Category Prize
A scenery photo taken during a 2022 North Shore Hikers trip. $100
A scenery picture shot anytime or anywhere. $50
A wild animal (mammal, bird, reptile, insect, etc.) picture taken anytime, anywhere. $50
A wild plant (tree, flower, mushroom, etc.) photo taken anytime, anywhere.  $50
A people (companions or locals) picture taken anytime, anywhere.  $50
A humorous picture taken anytime, anywhere.  $50

A professional photographer, Chris Barton, will judge the entries in the first five categories. At the November Annual General Meeting he will present a slide show of the winners and best submissions. At the AGM members will cast their vote for the best humorous submission.

Requirements and How to Submit

Please submit photos up to 4MB (roughly 1180 x 880 pixels) in .jpg format. The closer to 4MB the better, especially if selected for the slide show of best submissions.

Some basic editing of the submitted photo is permitted (including cropping, and minor adjustments to exposure, saturation, white balance, and contrast). But the intent is to recreate what the eyes saw, rather than distort reality.

To submit a photo, simply send it as an email attachment to Please send only one attachment (photo) per email.  To make two submissions,  send two emails. In the subject line of the email please indicate the category, your first and last name.  In the text describe the photo and include any other details.

For example, if you are Jane Doe, submitting a scenery picture taken in Yellowstone Park five years ago, include "category and first name and last name" in the subject line. For example,

Subject: Scenery Jane Doe
Body of the email: Mountains in Yellowstone Park, 2017.

If you submit a scenery picture taken on a North Shore Hiker trip this year, include
"NSH scenery and first name and last name" in the subject line. For example,

Subject:  NSH Scenery Jane Doe
Body of the email: North Shore Hikers Dam Mountain, May 2022.

If you are submitting a wildlife photo:

Subject: Wild Animal Jane Doe
Body of the email: Cougar in Lower Seymour, 2020.


If the photo contains recognizable people, please obtain their permission to be displayed on the North Shore Hikers website.  After the contest, the winning photos and runners-up will be displayed on our website for anyone to view. However, we will not use the photos for any other purposes.

For any clarifications or inquiries about the contest please contact Alastair Ferries at or 604-329-1637

The club reserves the right to disqualify entries, change the rules of the contest, or stop the competition at any time.