Photo Contest 2020 Rules

1.      Participants must be club members.

2.      A participant can enter one photograph in each of 5 categories (thus a member can submit a total of 5 photos) any time before Oct 31, 2020.  The photos can be entered individually at different dates, or all on the same day.

3.      The photos should be in jpg format and can be up to 4MB in size (roughly 1180 x 880 pixels).  The closer to 4MB they are the better, especially if they are chosen for the slide show of best submissions.

4.      A professional photographer, Chris Barton will be the judge.  At the AGM in November he will emcee a slide show of what he judges are the 15 best submissions for each category; and announce the winner in each category.

5.      The categories and prizes are:

    1. A scenery picture taken on a NSH trip between 1 Jan 2020 and 31 Oct 2020.  The prize is $100.
    2. A landscape (scenery) picture taken anywhere, anytime.  The prize is $50.
    3. A wild animal picture taken anywhere, anytime.  Animals can be mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, etc.  The prize is $50.
    4. A wild plant picture taken anywhere, anytime.  Plants can be trees, flowers, mushrooms, etc. The prize is $50.
    5. A people picture taken anywhere, anytime.  People can be companions or locals. The prize is $50.

6.      The photos will be kept in a folder on our website until the awards are made at the end of the contest.  Then they will be deleted.  Access to the folder is limited to the judge and a few NSH executives managing the contest.  We don’t plan to use submissions in any way; but if we thought a picture taken on a club trip was an irresistibly great advertisement for the club, we would first ask the photographer’s permission to use it.

7.      The club reserves the rights to disqualify entries, change the rules of the contest, or stop the competition at any time.

8.      For any clarifications or inquiries about the contest contact Alastair Ferries at

To submit a photo simply send it as an attachment to an email to

Please send only one attachment (photo) per email.  (To send two submissions send two emails).

Name your photo, the category it is for, and your first and last name. In the subject line of the email put the category it is for, and your first and last name.  In the text say what the photo is of, and any other details you want to include.

For example, if I submitted a landscape/scenery picture taken in Yellowstone Park three years ago I would name my picture 2.Landscape/sceneryAlastairFerries.  I would email it as an attachment to  And I would put 2.Landscape/sceneryAlastairFerries in the subject line, and in the text box I would write something like:  mountains in Yellowstone Park 2017