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    Patricia Morris

    Well Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children you missed the best team work hike.

    Fourteen hikers age ranging from 8 to 72 years old travelled to Callaghan, then piled into two vehicles (8+6) on the gravel waterboard road for 12 kms.

    Ye did terrifically leading us from ‘proposition’ through Conflict Lake over rushing water to ‘resolution’ at Ring Lake. The sun was mysterious when it glowed its orange light through the smoke. The mountains were barely there, the wild flowers bloomed and there were mosquitoes just like Ye had promised.

    It was finally cool and the hike couldn’t have been better for families and singles. Ethan (12)  and Kendal (8) were amazing hiking troopers.  Should they be made honorary members of NSH? Let’s have more families join our hikes!


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    Ye Chu

    Thanks Trish for a lovely and amusing trip report. When I was NSH President, we did pass a motion to allow specific hikes for children or dogs. But they had to be advertised that way ahead of time.

    Jayne Hardy

    Thanks Trish for writing a lovely description of our trip yesterday.  Would be nice to have family memberships and family oriented hikes.  As older parents, it was difficult finding other families to do trips with as most of our friend’s children were grown before we had our family.

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