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    We started out at 9:15. The weather could not make up its mind. When the 6 of us met at the parking lot, it was raining and did not look like it would let up.  By the time we got to the trailhead for Whyte Lake via the Old Helipad, it was a light drizzle, which stopped within the first half-hour. The leader (I) had a few near-misses (but fixable) with the blazes despite having done the recce one week earlier. We had a short stop at (what was left of) the old helipad, and then moved on to our summit. The weather had cleared and there were some peek-a-boo views of the Howe Sound area. From there we headed to Whyte Lake. Did a little in-and-out to the north side of the lake, and then moved on our loop for the wharf. On the wharf, we had the pleasure of meeting Arthur, a rescue dog from Bahrain. Arthur was very thirsty and had finished what his people brought. Our own Tracy Houston stepped up to the plate and let him drink straight from her bottle! We finished the loop by way of Nelson Creek Trail and arrived at the parking lot as planned, shortly after 12:00.

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