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    Bengul KurtarBengul Kurtar

    Here is the trip report from Jatinder:

    Lidia chose Tuesday to lead a group of 6 – Pam, Rosa, Wendy, myself, and Bengül – on this week’s mid-week hike. And it turned into a perfect Spring day: changeable, at times overcast, but mild and in the end an excellent day for hiking.

    We started just after 10am, having parked on Westhill Drive, off Exit 10 on the Upper Levels, above 21st Street in West Vancouver. The trailhead is just off Skilift Road, in McDonald Creek Park. The trail winds its way up, past the backs of some of the British Properties mansions, to the Lookout on Cypress Bowl Road. After briefly admiring the views we ascended up the mountain as far as the Skyline/ Trans Canada Trail, and made our way east.

    We had lunch while admiring the 1100 year-old Hollyburn Fir – a majestic old-growth giant which seemed lonely amidst a sea of skinny youth. We took the Crossover Trail to the bridge over Brothers Creek, just below the waterfall – which was gushing merrily. From Brothers’ Creek we dropped down via an old logging road, past the abandoned truck (which Lidia had a photo of the original of that truck), to the mostly flat Millstream Trail.

    As we approached a bridge over McDonald Creek we came across a section of the path which had eroded due to a landslip. A difference of opinion about the best way around led to some of us scrambling above the missing path, and others below clambering over fallen trees. A six of one, half a dozen of the other, as they like to say in England.

    After all that excitement we ambled gently along to the cluster of junctions just east of Cypress Lookout, and then back down the way we’d come up, getting to our cars around 2.40pm.


    Thank you, Jay for the report!

    Thank you, Lidia for leading us on this trail! Here is the link to see one of her photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ickjp6h8HXGXCFNg7

    Here is the link to see my photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmVsiVLa

    See you on the trails!



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