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    Three Wednesday’s in a row and 3 great hikes in perfect weather. Requirements for today’s hike was a happy face and the pace had to be slow but steady. All three requirements were easily met.
    We started from Lions Bay south end at 9 am and were back by 3:30. Not bad for a slow steady climb of some 5,000 feet. We had our crampons on after about one hour and half. In the alpine area there was plenty of snow and since everyone had 12 point crampons we just front point our way to the summit. Once there we stuck to the centre and avoided the slides. Lots of cornices around which made me nervous. Stuck to the trees coming down and had to back down on one long stretch, ‘just in case’. Everyone did a great job working their axe and using crampons to prevent from sliding.
    I used my ‘baby crampons’ in the dirt and rock while descending which gave me a speed advantage. This allowed me time to clear some branches;some of them rather large; that had fallen on the trail. Even though you do not travel many miles while hiking Unnecessary the steady up hill grind is enjoyable for a macaques.
    Thanks Gordon D for showing me this hike last fall. It has to be one of my favourite.

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