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    Ye Chu

    Roger and I co-lead a hike up to Tonic Peak. Our intent was to summit Sproatt too,  however, with a large group of 17 Hikers, time was running out to do a big loop. So we did a smaller exploratory loop in a total of 9 hours.

    We will have to try Sproatt next year, however maybe taking a new approach further north…yes, another exploratory:)

    S. Ling Chan

    Thank Ye and Roger for a great day up Tonic Peak. Although the snow line was high, it’s a lovely white world on the top. Here is a link to some photos. Facebook will ask you to login or join, but you can still see the photos if you refuse.

    Katy Poon

    Thank you Ye and Roger leading us up Tonic Peak on a perfect day, also Bengul for her app that came in very handy.

    We all summit!!   Despite the wind blowing, we had lunch with a 360 degree view and Tonic Lake in front of us.

    On the way back, we were very lucky to see the moon rising over Whistler mountain.

    Also, here is the link to Bengul’s photos:


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