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    The ride got off to a slightly rocky start due to yours truly. First of all, yours truly announced to everybody to meet at 9 a.m. when the schedule said 9:30 a.m. So a bunch of people showed up before 9 a.m. and the only reason that yours truly did not go off at 9 a.m. (a NSH tradition) was because she promised Bill that she would not leave without him. In fact three other people besides Bill arrived between 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., so the entire group swelled to 10. During this time yours truly also realized that she had forgotten the sign up sheet, and so had to borrow a pen from Professor Ron and Nurse Noreen. Then quickly write up the liability waiver in one sentence and asked everybody to sign up on a sheet that was half a letter size page. We left at 9:25 a.m.

    Shortly after leaving the house yours truly remembered that she had forgotten the map. Luckily for this group, and also luckily for yours truly, who might have been strung up, the route map was in her head. Well most of it. There were moments of dithering during the day. We only got honked at once, in a confusing section in downtown PoCo. Most of the time motorists were nice and patient, unlike down in Washington, when we have been honked at even when we were not in the way and minding our own business, pedaling along.

    Our first major stop was at Pitt Meadows airport. It was busy, and the group got to refresh themselves with hot refreshments and snacks. There is a customs there. It can call itself an international airport. So, there are at least three international airports in B.C.: Vancouver, Victoria, and Pitt Meadows.

    Weather for the most part was dry, bit drizzly at the start. It showered on us as we entered the South Alouette River dike, and as we pedaled, it transitioned from shower to sunshine, from east to west, so we lunched on the dike, in the sunshine. Roads ranged from highly urbanized to quiet country to farm roads. Rode along four rivers, on two different sets of dikes, crossed two bridges twice, between blueberry, dairy and other farms, and of course around and in an airport. 65 km.

    Present at the ride, and all accounted for, from beginning to end, were firstly, (a) the stalwarts: Agnes, Bill, Ron, Ruediger, Noreen, Wendy; then, (b) the new (to NSH cycling) cyclists: Hamish, Ray and Sylvia. And of course me, yours truly.
    Thank you fellow cyclists, for your good humour!


    Sounds like a fair day out considering the weather .Getting lost is half the fun .


    I also want to thank Wendy for the use of her map and Ray for the use of his mental map of the area. We were never lost, bit disoriented at times, but not lost.

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