Ski/snowshoe trip to Cloudburst Mt. from Branch 200

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    Ski/snowshoe trip to Cloudburst Mt. from Branch 200 (High Falls Creek)


    • 5 people (4 skiers + 1 snowshoer) attended.
    • We were able to drive up the BR 200 road to about ~600 m before we were stopped by snow.
    • Walked and skied up the road for about 2 kilometers with intermittent snow and gravel sections.  This was a bit annoying for the skiers who had to keep taking on and off their skis.
    • At about elevation 800m we finally got continuous snow.
    • We carried on up the road to ~1200 m.
    • After a short section in the trees, we reached the alpine.
    • Just as we arrived in the alpine (~1500 m), Afshin realized he had torn one of his bindings right off his ski.
    • We had a group ‘huddle’.  It wasn’t repairable. Afshin decided he wanted to continue to the summit in his ski boots, leaving his skis behind.  Off we went.
    • We arrived at the summit about 2PM.
    • There were a couple of other groups there who had come up from the Chance Creek side.
    • The ski down was in really nice in firm spring corn.  I think Alastair and Afshin enjoyed their bum slide too.
    • Alastair carried Afshin’s skis for him so he wouldn’t sink as much and we all headed down.
    • Total time ~8 hours, elevation gain about ~1300m.
    • Kudos to Afshin for his mental toughness (that was a long walk in ski boots).  Also Kudos to Alastair for helping carry his skis.
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