Shovelnose Creek Ski – April 17th, 2021

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    AvatarCraig Speirs

    ‘Blue bird’ day in the upper Squamish river valley.


    • 6 people (5 skiers + 1 snowshoer) attended.
    • We were able to drive up the Shovelnose spur to ~550 m.
    • Skied up the road through several cut blocks to ~1200 m.
    • After a short section in the trees, we arrived in the alpine.
    • After a nice break, with spectacular views, we started heading down.
    • Snow was quite slushy on our descent.
    • Elevation gain ~1300 meters, total distance ~14km.
    • Total time ~8.5 hours at a leisurely pace with several lengthy breaks.
    • The dirt road back along the Squamish River valley was super dusty.


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