Seymour River to Old Buck Trail, January 7, 2021

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    Patricia Morris

    We six parked at  the end of Riverside Dr. West and began walking on Fisherman Trail.

    Moss green, wooden stairs, trees, ferns, salal, mushrooms and fungus. There were a half dozen professional dog walkers each with a half dozen giant dogs, a half dozen mountain bikers and a half dozen other hikers.

    Lots of recommendations for Netflix watching and I learned some important history of BC.             Tracy Houston is the great granddaughter of James Houston who discovered gold along the Thompson and Fraser Rivers. Fort Langley became a supply centre, outfitting thousands of gold miners passing through the area. The gold rush caused significant increase in farming operations as the demand for food rose. The gold rush and the declaration of the 49th parallel as the US border resulted in the creation of the crown Colony of  British Columbia. On November 19, 1858  the actual proclamation of Crown Colony status took place in the big House at Fort Langley. Thus Fort Langley was proclaimed the birthplace of B.C.

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    Bengul Kurtar

    Thank you for a quick report with a nice story, Patricia.

    Here is the link to see my album from the hike (Seymour River to Old Buck trail head along the Baden Powel trail and hiking back along the Bridle Trail approximately 12 km. loop):

    See you on the trails,



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