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    Tons and tons of fresh powder.

    Saturday, March 19
    As almost every year, the access road to the Garibaldi Lake parking lot was covered with snow so we had to park more than a kilometre down. Not far but annoying when coming back.
    There was a lot of snow but the trail was broken to the “Barrier” by day hikers. It became more difficult but more fun after Lesser Garibaldi Lake as we had to look for the trail in unspoiled white wonderland.
    Finally, after 8 hours we got to the lake. The shelter was almost completely buried in show and it took us some time before we could get in. We celebrated with hot tea and settled down in our temporary, for just two nights, home.

    A few years ago, I watched the movie “Being Caribou”. “Be always prepared for an unexpected” – a tip given by an old, Indian hunter to film makers, before they started on their 1500 km trek. And his words came to my mind after clearing the entrance to the outhouse. The outhouse was completely buried, just a big pile of snow pointed its location. We had used it in the past two trips. Beth and I were sure that the entrance was from the south side. So I started digging from this direction and soon Mark came to help. After few minutes of digging, Mark became curious and walked around it. Then he started digging from the east side and said to me that he found the entrance. I did not believe him and continued digging from the south side. After a while, I went to see what he was talking about. And there, in the hole below, was a plate “Please keep the door closed”.

    We all went outside after a gourmet dinner served by Beth. The night sky was clear and we could enjoy the full moon and stars. The lake and surrounding mountains were covered in the cold, bright light. It was almost as bright as during the day. This was a special night, last time the moon was this close to our planet 18 years ago.

    Sunday March, 20
    Sunday was a perfect day to be there. There was not one cloud, just blue sky and white snow.
    We started toward the ridge leading to Mount Price. Mark was breaking the trail and just before reaching the lake he disappeared. Maybe not completely, his arms and head were still above the snow. He had fallen into an empty hole between two trees, covered by fresh snow. Just a remainder that it is a smart idea to hike with company.
    We snowshoed up the ridge towards Mount Price. We got to the alpine just before the last ascend to the peak and called it a day. Except for Mark, as he started experiencing something interesting. Two voices were speaking to him. The one in his head was saying, “Hey Mark, the fun has just started, keep going”. The other from below was calling, “Mark, come back, come back”. So he just went up and down few times, making a nice pattern on the mountain side.
    Another gourmet dinner, this time prepared by Mary and Mark: starter, two main courses and dessert. We went to bed early, tired after a fabulous day of sun and powdery snow.

    Monday, March 21
    We got up after 10 hours in bed. After breakfast we packed up and started down. It felt like we were inside a Christmas post card. Black and white scenery, magical shapes of trees, mysterious bends of the creek and slowly falling snow. “What a peaceful place”, commented Mark. And I thought, that is the essence of why I go there every year.
    We stopped at the Barrier, contemplated in silence the dramatic dances of clouds below, then we continued down. We were at the car in 5 hours, little wet as reality called us back to earth. It was raining at low elevation.
    Did we see any signs of spring? Yes, there was a lady bug walking very energized, turning in all directions, trying to stretch her wings – on Mark’s car dashboard.

    “What a peaceful place” – all of you are invited to next year’s “Searching for Spring” trip, same place and time, Garibaldi Lake, around March 21.

    A few pictures are attached and for the rest please see my Picasa album




    Killer Pics shame I missed it..

    Glad the snow consolidated a bit before my trip in the area. Or I would have never made it..

    Well you where lucky to miss the 4 teens hiking up to the shelter for the night in running shoes and shorts. And Very limited gear which included no shovels… :unsure: :angry:


    Very nice.

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