Sat. May 28, 2022 Grouse Ramble

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    Ye Chu

    Today’s hike coincided with the opening of Grouse Grind, resulting in a very full parking lot at 8:30 am.

    I had 7 interested hikers, but in the end there were only four intrepid hikers willing to try out a newish route up to the top of Grouse. We had one new member and three regulars. This was definitely not a beginner’s hike. We had difficult and challenging terrain with exposure in some places and ropes on one steep slope. We hiked Baden Powell, OBCMC, to a lookout towards Lions Gate bridge, Larson to Tony Simic’s trail (former NSH), OBCMC again –two hikers left at this point to join back up with BCMC, as the snow was presenting a difficult challenge. So, two of us carried on. We remarked how lucky we were to have Grouse Mountain in our backyard.

    We passed by a dilapidated outhouse, rusted bed frame and old white porcelain sink. I picked up an old beer can from the 1960’s and was told to leave it in place as it was now apart of the forest. It is interesting how someone’s litter becomes a historical artifact decades later. My question is whether one should keep littering to create new artifacts for future generations? Our group had a heated debate about this topic.

    All in all, a nice short morning hike with good friends and lots of laughter.

    Trip stats: elev gain:876m, duration: 3:27, distance:6.81km


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