Sat., Dec. 3, Dog Mt, Seymour A hike

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    Caroline Kautz

    Thank you to Emilia Panakova, for leading this beautiful hike up to Dog Mt. There were seven North Shore Hikers, two with Snowshoes and the rest with Micro Spikes that started up the trail at 10:45 AM sharp and hiked up to the top of Dog Mt.

    The views were stunning, and it was a beautiful sunny day. It was hard to pass all the people on the narrow and busy well-marked trail with compact snow and ice. Micro spikes came in handy.

    There was a crazy, curious kleptomaniac crow causing a commotion at the top of the mountain that captivated everyone’s attention. We were all sure that the crow has its own Tupperware tree and is Dog Mountain’s permanent crafty career criminal. While we were at the top the crow stole two Tupperware containers and flew off with them. Then had the nerve to grab an almond out of a hiker’s fingers as it was going into their mouth.

    The day was perfect except for the fact that one new North Shore Hiker missed us, because the parking lots are confusing and not marked properly near the top and it was a busy day on the mountain. Thank you, Emilia, for leading this beautiful hike.


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