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    Patricia Morris


    moving to a new phase of  social interactions,

    Lesley’s experienced and flexible planning,

    Rick and Lynn’s support with style,

    Stowel Lake and Cusheon Lake’s warmth,

    Ruckle Park Campsground’s beauty

    and perfect weather.

    There were 2 self-contained travellers, 2 supports, 8 supported bikers and 2 side-by visitors in their own car. All said cheese in front of the gardens.

    The biggest decision (that we didn’t know was a decision) was whether you would rather see ugly teenage turkeys and two dead jelly fish OR a pod of four orcas that included one with giant dorsal fin.

    We saw what was presented to us.

    Even the ferry delay from Saturna Island was fine.

    Things are looking up.


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    Bengul Kurtar
    Thank you again for leading us on this adventure, Lesley!
    Thank you for a quick write-up, Patricia!
    Here is my pics from this trip:
    See you on the trails!
    Katy Poon

    Thank you Lesley for another year of SSI bike camp!

    Needless to say… It’s another great success with excellent weather, well planned itinerary and good company.

    This is an awesome trip!

    Here is the link to share our fun…

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