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    Patricia Morris



    One Stellar Jay stole a whole apple core and the others dive bombed for anything the whiskey jacks missed and even some things the whisky jacks stole.  This happened at sunny and warm Bowen Lookout below the summit of Saint Marks.

    There were at least a dozen aggressive silent whisky jacks that forgot their lunches and decided they wanted our group of eight lunches on the top of Saint Marks. Apparently the whisky jacks, a.k.a. Canada Jays, didn’t know they were Canadian because they never once said they were sorry as they scooped away anything they could get. The good part of an excellent hike was that our group all got to sit on top of Saint Marks in the sun.

    One snow bird had to miss the hike because of course she was south of the border, but we had a rain bird hike instead. A Rain Bird is someone who travels to Vancouver yearly for the winter in order to enjoy the rain.

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    Bengul Kurtar

    Thank you for your quick report, Patricia!

    You can see the photos from yesterday:

    Hope to see you on the trails!


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