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    13 people arrived to ride on this glorious, sunny day. Starting at Bagel Cafe, the group crossed Burnaby in a diagonal, along the Burnaby Mountain urban trail, a mostly downhill ride, to Columbia station. Then a U turn down to an industrial area crossing a one lane, two way bridge. At Tim Hortons by 10:05am for 35 minutes. Then toward Port Mann, but we couldn’t go under it due to construction, so we rode to the Mary Hill Bypass and hauled our bicycles over the divider. Thence to the PoCo Trail, which was open all the way for us, and we did the entire western half, crossing the DeBoville Slough, into blueberry farm country, and past a couple of apiaries. Lunch on a rocky bluff with a gazebo and a view of the wetlands toward Pitt River. Following shows us parking our bikes and a bit of the rock we climbed up:

    Following picture shows us leaving the bluff along the dike:

    Back via the Hyde Creek salmon run, west along Patricia Road, crossed Coquitlam River, heading north to Guildford Way and into Port Moody. Then back to the starting point via the Barnet Highway. Total, 60 km. Thanks to Holly, Sue and Phil, who at different times acted as end persons/sweeps. Thanks to Ken and Holly for guiding the Port Mann bridge bypass via the Mary Hill Bypass. Also thanks to Phil for his photos (above), and for changing Nicole’s flat tire, while the rest of us stood around giving him helpful advice.
    Kate left early to catch the bus to catch the hockey game. The rest of us rode all the way back, and also got back in time to catch the hockey game, if they wished.
    WE covered four watersheds (Brunette, Fraser, Coquitlam and Pitt Rivers), and five municipalities (Burnaby, New West, Coquitlam, PoCo and Port Moody). 60 km in total.
    The 13 riders were, (a) regulars and semi-regulars: Hedi, Berni, Kate, Holly, Ken, Sue, Phil and myself; (b) the newish NSH riders: Frank and Bea; (c) the first time NSH riders: Allan, Susan and Nicole.
    Go Canucks Go!

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