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    Patricia Morris

    Sunday on the last day of June, 2019

    At 9:35am, before Mark took us to Mt. Seymour Peaks 1 &2 B2b to see more, each of the eleven of us were to speak into the video. We stood on the grass on Banff Street off Mt. Seymour Rd. We followed the same format.

    Hi, I’m Patricia and I am a North Shore hiker. I have been a North Shore Hiker for 13 years.

    I wonder what will be done with the video from walkers anonymous?

    We were each given a NSH business card from our well-prepared leader in case we met someone on the trail who wanted to know more about our club. We met a  lot of folks but no one seemed particularly interested in knowing about us. But then gain no one needed our help.

    We walked, we gained elevation, we drank our water, we ate our sandwiches shared chocolates and cookies and we saw mountain ranges, Indian Arm and the city below. Mark kept each of his kittens in the box.

    We didn’t summit ‘First Pump Peak’. But all did Tim Jones Peak at 1426 m.

    Our car of five women signed off, and Sue and I went onto Mt. Seymour at 1450 m or 3rd peak. The hike was 5 hours and we saw heather, little purple flowers, trees and roots, rocks and very little snow for June. Some bugs, great weather and company.


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    Katy Poon

    Thank you Mark for leading this popular hike.

    There are reasons for its popularity and we all like to go back again and again.  The sceneries are not the same and we like the terrain whether with or without snow.

    A great day on the mountain top…. thank you Mark and everyone to make a wonderful day!

    Here are a few photos and these little purple flowers grew sideways off the rock… I didn’t rotate the photo.  😀

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