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    Patricia Morris

    Luckily Bengul led the hike up Mt. Fromme on Friday morning before the long weekend and there were few people on foot, or on bike or with dogs. It was an overcast day and it spit refreshing rain. Sticky yellow mold and mushrooms were visible and  we met up on the top with Murat who was biking for the day. In spite of clouds we had a panorama of mountains- we could see the top of Lynn Peak, all three Seymour peaks, Crown and Camel, etc. Visibility was good although trees got in the way of the view of the city.


    The woods are messy with roots, many trail options like Dream Weaver for mountain biking, and shared trails like Peer Gynt. Dogs are allowed and notices of one recent dog loss were posted at least three places. We also met a friend of the family with the missing dog, asking about it.


    Colleen suggested that the woods look ‘ready to burn.’  A great choice for a hike that starts off St. Georges St. in North Vancouver and doesn’t require a 6 am reservation, or any reservation.

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    Bengul Kurtar

    Thank you for the write up, Patricia!

    Here is the link to see my pics from yesterday’s hike:

    See you on the trails…


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