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    Andrea Farmer

    We thought we would do the beautiful, but very familiar Mt Seymour. But then our adventurous leader Katy showed up.  We did 1, 2, 3 peaks of Seymour then found the junction for the Elsay loop after going back and forth across the famous ledge (on the way to 3rd) four times. The loop trail is beautiful, looks across to the Lynn area. It feels like the back country. We only saw one other hiker. He was doing the loop in the opposite direction. He estimated 10 hours to complete it.  It was well into the afternoon so we decided to turn back and start earlier next time. Katy hopes to offer it before this summer is over, so watch for it if you enjoy the peace and beauty of the back country.

    Andrea Farmer

    We didn’t actually cross the ledge four times looking for the trail, we did it four times during the hike!

    Katy Poon

    Here are some stats of our summit peaks and route finding trip:

    total distance: 9.95 km
    accumulated elevation: 891 m
    elapsed time: 7 hours 17 minutes
    The extra crossing on the ledge took us back to the main trail when we turned back from the Mt. Elsay loop trail.   I felt so much more confident on the last time as I know exactly where to put my steps.  <g>
    It’s a great day and the next time will summit Mount Elsay
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