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    Katy Poon

    Thank you for Pam co-leading with me and, Karen and Ling joined us on this trip.

    This popular in/out hike turned out to be an interesting loop hike for me.

    Pam and Karen did the in/out.   Ling and I completed the loop via Magnesia Meadows – this added 3.5km return.

    On this beautiful Thursday morning, we met 8:30 am at the tiny Lions Bay parking lot.  On a weekday early morning, there are still a few parking spots available when I arrived.  I think the cost of $24 is steep but worth for the 24 hours parking if there is a spot!

    Our small group maintained a steady pace and reached the summit of Mount Harvey under 4 hours.  We did not go fast and had a couple water/sweat breaks.   This was slower than an average NSH pace (I think!) as Mount Harvey could be rated as a B hike (In/Out) to be completed under 7 hours.

    For this time, here are the stats for In/Out hike as per Karen’s GPS:

    Distance: 12.2 km

    Ascent: 1,384 m

    Moving time: 6:01 hrs

    Total elapsed time: 7:46 hours

    The day was particularly clear and the views at the top of Mount Harvey were amazing.   We all leisurely enjoyed a well deserved lunch break.  Then, we departed separately back to the parking lot.

    Ling manually recorded the times and elevations that he is sharing with us here:

    “Here is my record of timing and elevation. Note that due to pressure change, the elevation reading may vary by 20 or 30 m within a day.

    8:50 235 start

    9:35 581 Brunswick jcn

    9:53? Harvey jcn

    11:22 1355 arr ridge

    12:38 1620 arr

    13:40 1621 dep

    14:21 1431 HSCT jcn, near low pt

    14:43 1440 hut

    1545 local high

    15:50 1486 Brunswick jcn

    17:10 668 Tunnel Bluff jcn

    17:35 600 Brunswick jcn

    17:59 366 upper “Missing Link” jcn

    18:14 263 fin

    My GPS logged about 15.7 km from trailhead to trailhead.”

    It’s another wonderful day with NSH… thank you all for keeping the club active!

    Here are my photo link but you need to see the views in person… until next time.   Katy

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