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    Katy Poon

    A visit to Mount Fromme on Monday before the rain was great.  Thank you Bengul for leading 4 of us from St. George up 850m to reach the lookout at 1185m.  The trail was well marked with both new (square) and old (round tin) markers.  Thank you for the recent and past efforts.  The round markers are specially made by members of the club many years ago.

    The sun was shining through the tall trees.  The view was obviously obstructed since I visited last.  But we still have an excellent view of North Shore mountains with Mt Baker in the distant and city view in the fog.

    We had a well deserved long lunch break while our leader enjoyed sunbathing… here is a glimpse of the moment<g>


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    Bengul Kurtar

    Thank you for a quick write up and a great photo, Katy! Nice to hike with you all…

    You can see my only 3 photos from here:

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