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    Katy Poon

    Thank you Bengul for another great and rewarding mid week hike.  Mount Fromme is North Shore Hiker adopted trail and it is a classic B Hike all year round.   I can remember many of the markers that our past members put up thus making trail finding not a problem.   Kudos to their efforts!!

    For yesterday hike, six of us started 9:30 at St. George trailhead, working on the endless steep climbs via Peer Gyn trails through the forest. We found slushy snow when we reach about 1/3 to the top.   I think we reached the top around 12:30…. please correct me if I am wrong!  I did not check the time.

    We had a quick lunch on the south summit.  The peak was covered with much snow and the winter temperatures were definitely upon us.  We all felt that it’s time to head back into our car for the extra warmth so we were up and  descended even without a five minutes warning!

    We were back in the trailhead by 2:30.  All in all, this is a worthwhile hike.

    Thank you everyone for another good hike!






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    Bengul Kurtar

    Thank you for a quick report, Katy!

    Actually, we were seven hikers and we reached the lunch spot around 12 noon… I think we finished around 2:15pm…

    Here a few quotes from fellow hikers from Tuesday:

    “It was a good day!” – Lynne M.

    “Another miraculous hike with Bengul!” – Ye C.

    “A 4 stars hike because there were no view at the top of Mount Fromme” – Michele F.

    Please see my pics from last Tuesday:

    See you on the trails,


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