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    Patricia Morris

    Saltspring or Salt Spring Island was named for its salt springs, which was one of the only things the group of 6 plus 2 support people North Shore Hikers didn’t see on Mighty Lesley’s non-stop adventure, in non-stop sunlight.

    Seriously Lesley swam two lakes: Stowell Lake (named after Mr. Stowe), Cusheon lake (after John Ducie Cusheon).

    We hiked three micro-hikes at Reginald Hill, Ruckle Park and Peter Arnell Park where we appreciated arbutus trees, groves of Garry Oak, ate Miner’s Leaves and disturbed a pair of turkeys.

    The biking took the group from Fulford Harbour to Ruckle Park to Long Harbour with a detour to Saltspring Cheese, which couldn’t have been done without our support team Lynne and Rick.

    Ruckle Park campground was fabulous. And even the ferries were fun.

    This was done in 28 hours including sleep. What a great two days. How to keep up with Lesley?

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    Jayne Hardy

    Looks like a great trip.  One of these years I will have to try to join you.

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