Mid-Week: Mt. Seymour Snowshoe, Apr 8, 2021

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    Bengul Kurtar

    As we all know, the snowshoe trail or winter route to First Peak on Mount Seymour is one of the popular snowshoe trails on the North Shore. This was my first snowshoe or microspiking trip on this trail since last October. Mount Seymour had received 20 cm snow since Tuesday. We had fresh snow on the ground!  

    Three of us would meet at Mount Seymour PP Information board before 9:30 am. While waiting for the last hiker we enjoyed a nice partly cloudy and sunny morning. We just greeted Steve,  previous mid-week hike coordinator on his way up. While ascending the clouds were moving towards us. We had light snow, foggy morning on the trail. As you know, the winter route is marked by B.C. Parks. Pole markers are now only in place to Elsay Lake Trail Junction. We passed this point and climbed up a little bit. The trail became more challenging. Foggy conditions and the poor visibility would stay with us even if we reached the peak. When we were 450 m away from the First Peak; as a group, we decided not to continue, and turned around. Stopped for lunch at Brockton Point. At this point there was not much view on the horizon.  

    When we arrived at the finish line around 12:40 pm, we were ready for another adventure in Vancouver…

    You can see my photos from here:  https://flic.kr/s/aHsmVccBvM

    See you on the trails!


    Peter Van Deursen

    Thanks to Bengul for leading this hike. I’m a new member as of late last year, and this was my second try to reach First Peak. Both days began in sunshine and ended in low visibility.  Bengul’s leadership style is friendly, competent and low key.  Decisions are collaborative. The forecast on Avalanche.ca was for moderate risk of loose snow avalanche on open slopes, and moderate risk of large avalanche triggered by cornice failure.  At the point of our decision to turn around visibility was variable between 1/2 mile to a few hundred feet.  As we were discussing the situation, the visibility lifted enough that we could see a large cornice on the bluff above us.  Turning back felt like the right decision.

    Thanks to Bengul and Jay for a great day!


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