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    Patricia Morris

    Lidia’s Two Canyons loop was terrific today.

    There were 5 of us plus Lidia. We saw the pool where Lidia & her husband swim in the summer. She made a point of telling us she does not jump from the cliffs like others, some of whom jump up to 90 feet and lose their lives. The Suspension Bridge is suspended right now.

    We crossed the Twin Bridge to eat our lunch, and Lidia remembered the bridge that it replaced.

    She also knew the wife of  Richard Juryn for the Trail of the same name  He died in a kayak accident off Anvil sland Oct. 7, 2007

    It began to rain just after we reached the zipper art project of massive granite stones.(see photo)

    No fees for parking yet.

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    Andrea Farmer

    I’ve never been tempted to squat on a toilet with the lid down. Why is that sign needed?

    Patricia Morris

    I know. I think it is a subliminal message not to jump off the cliffs!

    Bengul Kurtar
    Thank you, Lidia for leading us on this trail… Thank you for your lovely trip report, Patricia. And thank you all for making our day!
    Happy new year!
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