Lake to River to Sea bike ride, Feb 7, 2021

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    As promised, we biked a new route I pieced together from Trout lake, to the Fraser river, to the ocean at Burrard inlet and back to Trout lake. We started at 10 am in full sunshine and were all surprised how warm it was outside.


    We visited a bunch of historical sites:


    • the 1920’s Chicken Coop murderer’s childhood home (funny story – when I was researching the location of the house in the pouring rain, I stopped an elderly lady and asked if she knew where the chicken coop murderer’s house was located and she look at me as if she saw a ghost. She said her great uncle, an LAPD police officer, came up to Vancouver and arrested the murderer hiding in the forests of North Vancouver circa 1930. She had no idea the murderer’s family home was in her neighbourhood);
    • the 1905 Copley Ranch/community orchard;
    • the newly completed Burnaby Fraser foreshore park dyke,
    • the newly completed rubberized bike route around Central park;
    • the award winning 2019 multimillion dollar public art-filled bike way called Willingdon linear park;
    • 1927 Centennial park built for Canada’s Jubilee Anniversary;
    • 1920 site of a popular Burnaby beach (the 1957 oil pipeline from Edmonton shut all public access to the beach);
    • 1912 Crab town location, housing 130 squatters on Federal land;
    • 1958 Hastings Park Roller Coaster (the tallest in Canada at that time) and;
    • 1942 Japanese intermittent camp in the PNE’s Forum and Garden auditorium building, housing 8000 innocent Japanese men, women and children in the livestock barns. They illegally auctioned all their cars off at the Hastings Racetrack.


    By the time the ride finished at 2:45pm, everyone said they had enjoyed the new route, the warm sunshine and learning a few things along the way.


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