Ladner loop de doom bike ride sat April 10, 2021

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    The gale force winds were the story of the day. Who knew the Ladner dike winds could blow 360 degrees simultaneously! Which ever way we rode, we had a bloody headwind or worse, a strong side wind to keep us sober. I rode in my lowest gear and could barely make head way. What was billed as an easy flat bike ride, ended up to the hardest bike ride of our lives! Pure adrenaline in an unrelenting fight with Mother Nature!

    Luckily, today’s six club members had good sense of humours, so much so, when it was suggested to have our lunch in a viewless, sort-of -windless (not really) muddy dike ditch, no one hesitated.

    Some members even tried to have fun with the wind and created a sail to see how far they could travel without peddling.

    We probably saw 100,000 (plus or minus), snow geese on their migration from the Arctic, a beaver swimming in a farm ditch (no doubt, escaping from the wind), two miniature horses pulling carriages, riding horses, cows, “baby” blue herons and seagulls flying no-where fast as the wind was too strong (somehow I could relate to their plight).

    When we all got back to Deas Island, we made quick goodbyes, as we desperately dashed into our hermitically sealed cars. Phew!

    We biked 43 km in 4 hours and 20 mins.


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