June 29 – Three Vancouver-Burnaby Bike Routes

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    5 riders arrived promptly at the meeting place on what seemed like the real first day of summer.  Each rider had made their way to Cassiar and Adanac from their homes under their own steam.  No parking hassles for this group!

    We kept a conversational pace along the Francis-Union bike route to the Burnaby Mountain Urban Trail and then onto the Central Valley Greenway.  We enjoyed elevenses at Hume Park after a lovely ride along the Brunette River.  On our return to Winston at Caribou, we were stopped short by a very long train that appeared just as we got to the crossing.  After waiting several minutes, we heard a tremendous crashing noise – Cristina was sure it was the sound of a derailment.  The train stopped and, after 5 more minutes, we began to consider alternate routes west.  Ye suggested the equestrian trail around Burnaby Lake, which allowed bikes.  Off we went along the decent gravel 2-track paralleling Highway 1.  Louise and Cristina did a bit of exploring to find an elusive viewing platform along the nearby pedestrian trails.  We were in Ally’s neighbourhood and he capably led us to our lunch spot at the Rowing Pavillion.

    After lunch, we returned to the Central Valley Greenway and added a short side loop along the Kensington and Lakes routes.  Ye showed us her favourite trail through the south of France at Burnaby Lake Park.  One by one, our group split to make it back to our respective homes.

    Thanks to all for a great day.

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