HollyBurn Mt. on Friday, Jan. 22, 2021 @ 9 am

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    Patricia Morris

    The most predictable hike, the hike we do the most, turned into an absolute delight today.

    There were no people at 9 am. It is an exposed hike in the sun. We came across an older ex- North Shore hiker who carries a yellow marker to remember all the previous hikers who have died. Of course there were the ravens and whiskey jacks.

    On the way down Search and Rescue had a kiosk handing out cool hiking swag like whistles and emergency blankets. They asked us one question and one question only. “Does someone know where you were going today?”

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    Andrea Farmer

    Hi Patricia, what do you mean about the hiker carrying a yellow marker? All the NSH hikers who have died? All the hikers who have died accidentally?

    Sounds like a beautiful day.

    Good that NSSAR was out reminding people of the risks. Though we don’t need that after the death of the young woman near St. Marks.

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