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    Patricia Morris

    9 people 5 cars & 25 kilometres of walking.

    What a great day walking Helm Creek crossover thanks to Ye.

    As we hiked we solved a riddle. That is Michelle and Mark solved the riddle; the rest of us just asked yes or no questions to Susan’s riddle.

    man is laying in the desert naked. He has a straw in his hand. His clothes are about 100 feet away. How did he get to the desert? How did he die? And why does he have a straw in his hand?

    Lots of sun and alpine flowers once we walked through the forest and over the moon rock for eight hours.

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    David Ryeburn

    Two questions:


    (1) How many hours walking time?

    (2) What’s the solution to the riddle

    David Ryeburn, who’ll have trouble getting to sleep trying to find the answer to the riddle.

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