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    Four amazing Wednesday’s in a row. Who would have guessed that each Wednesday during the month of January would just keep getting nicer?
    Five easy going NSH hit the mountains once again to see if they could make the summit of Hat Mountain via Brunswick Mountain. 1711 meters later and 4 hours 20 minutes we all made our goal.

    My first attempt on Hat was unsuccessful last spring due to avalanche conditions. This time the snow was perfect for snow shoeing and crampons lower down. The snow was dry and plenty of it.

    Our pace was not fast but steady. The only long break we took before summit was switching from our crampons to snow shoes at the Brunswick Hat cross over. Once on the top we took half an hour to chow down. My spaghetti was laced in garlic which kept everyone else away from me. The smell almost knocked me over when I opened the plastic container. After we all got chilled from the wind we walked, crawled up and down and bum slid our way back to Brunswick for another break. Total time out was a nice leisurely seven and half hours. We would have been slower but Michelle had to get home to clean up before her fitness class!

    This group is getting so well ‘oiled’ that there was not one situation to report. Everything went smoothly as it should.

    Maybe Crown next Wednesday if weather co-operates!

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