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    Mark Latham

    Five of us (4 members + 1 guest from New Zealand) met at Grouse gondola base station Starbucks at 9:15am. The Grouse Grind is one of the few trails that is safe to hike “at your own pace” and let the group spread out along the trail, just meeting again at the top (Grouse chalet). This is because it’s very well marked & maintained, there are almost no places where one might accidentally veer off the main trail, it’s all in cell phone range, and there are many other hikers on it. (By contrast, the nearby BCMC trail has quite a few forks that tempt people to veer off in wrong directions.)

    It was a beautiful sunny day (through the trees). In recent days a little snow had fallen near the top of the trail. Some had melted and refrozen, creating icy patches where we were glad to have our hiking poles.

    We met in the chalet and chatted over snacks. Our times ranged about 60 minutes to 90 minutes, as planned. Great workout and great views at the top!

    Photo: Our guest nearing the top of his first-ever Grind.

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