Goat Ridge from Grouse Chalet: Recce 2020-09-08

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    Mark Latham

    Four of us met at the Grouse gondola base station at 9:15am. The covid-era requirement for reserving gondola rides had just ended after Labour Day. We rode the 9:30am gondola up to the chalet, and started hiking at 9:45.

    Overnight the lower Fraser Valley had filled with white smoke from wildfires in Washington state. But the north shore mountains blocked its advance, and we enjoyed a beautifully clear sunny day as long as we looked north rather than south. Our trail headed north, past the peaks of Grouse and Dam mountains.

    We had all hiked to Goat Mountain before, so were familiar with its steep rocky sections, where fixed chains help us haul ourselves up and lower ourselves down. Inexperienced hikers could fall and get hurt there, hence the difficulty rating of 3. It’s also important to hike Goat Mountain and Goat Ridge with someone who remembers the trails, since there are several forks, some leading to more hazardous sections than others. On the ridge too, there’s a steep section with a fixed chain.

    Three of us had never hiked Goat Ridge before, and were enchanted – it’s an unexpected idyllic getaway. Surprisingly quiet despite the nearby city and Grouse resort – very few other hikers. Those hazardous sections confer rewards. 😉

    We wandered along the broad ridge-top of alpine meadows, on a narrow trail winding past occasional tarns and bushes of ripe blueberries. On that sunny afternoon, you could wish for a couple of extra hours just to hang out and read a book. Our relaxed pace reflected this atmosphere.

    If you just want the best view though, I’d say it’s from the peak of Goat Mountain. You could take 2 hours off the time and skip the ridge. But you should treat yourself to that enchantment, some sunny day when you’re less rushed… 🙂

    GPS track & stats:
    Ascent: 500m (why so different from 665m reported here?)
    Distance: 11 km
    Time: 6 hours 24 minutes

    Trip posting: (requires login)

    PS: Thanks to Isabeau for inspiring us to hike this ridge!

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