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    Helen Baker

    On May 22, Sheila Sakich led a group of 14 along the Fisherman’s Trail (South) in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve in North Vancouver.

    Starting from the Rice Lake parking lot, we dropped down the Homestead Trail through the forest. After about 10 minutes of downhill walking we got to the Seymour River and crossed to the other side on the Seymour Suspension bridge.

    Once you cross the river, the trail climbs back up steeply through the trees to the top of the canyon wall and then rolls along through the rain forest on the east side of the river.

    Lower Lynn sees a lot of rain and the habitat reflects that. The Fisherman Trail is lush and green with tall, moss-hung Douglas fir. Sword and deer fern carpet the understory and moss and lichen grow on every stump, branch and tree.

    It’s been a cold spring this year and the salmon berry bushes are still blossoming. I heard hummingbirds and Pacific wren along the way, but didn’t see them.

    We followed the Fisherman Trail to the point where it comes out on a residential street. After a short break, we crossed the Pipeline bridge to the west side of the river and then continued walking on the Baden Powell loop.

    There were great views of the river pools and canyon on the return.  As we neared the parking lot, we saw mobs of people of all ages out enjoying the long weekend.

    Adults and kids stood all along the river bank and some waded in with their dogs. A few brave souls swam and splashed in deepest part of the river pool, but our group stayed warm in the sun and just watched.

    We had to walked single file on the steep wood stairwell that climbs from the river bank to the parking lot to make room for the crowds coming down the stairs to the river.

    Thanks to Sheila for taking us out with her and for doing a recce on Friday to confirm the route.


     Sheila Sakich works as a nurse in Fraser Health Authority and is a long-time member the North Shore Hikers.

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