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    Patricia Morris

    Thx to Roger for leading us to Elfin Lakes on Sunday. It was a fabulous day where the lakes are just showing themselves.

    See photo. My snowshoes were stolen from underneath Red Heather Meadows’ cabin. I am looking to replace my MSR with TSL 225 does anyone have experience with this snowshoe? see photo

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    Andrew Wong

    First thing, really annoyed that someone took your snowshoes. Grrrr.

    I’ve owned the TSL 225 and various MSR models. I recommend sticking with any MSR model because:

    • MSR has overall better traction, especially in icier conditions.
    • The TSL 225 can be dangerously slippery if used on an icy, crunchy hard packed trail. It only has six small metal “teeth” on the underside in addition to the main crampon. But all the plastic moulding just slides over ice hard packed snow instead of biting so overall, the snowshoes are sliding instead of gripping.
    • MSR are less prone to ice buildup on the toe and underneath the ball of your feet (on the footplate).

    Here are my thoughts for all the MSR models…from cheapest to most expensive model:

    • EVO – Classic, basic MSR design, minus the heel lift. Good for anything except really steep stuff. Can add extenders.
    • EVO Ascent – (I have this one.) The classic, basic MSR design, with heel lift. Can add extenders to increase floatation. Good value, downside is the binding strap hooks were changed to an open style several years ago, makes it slightly more challenging to strap in (same design change made to all their products). The heel lift can be stiff and hard to deploy.
    • REVO Ascent – (I have this one.) A hybrid between the EVO and the Lightning Ascent. Aluminum outer frame and hard plastic decking. “Teeth” are cut into the entire outer frame for more traction but that’s a problem for me. Because of my stride, the side teeth occasionally brushes against my inner foot so both of my lower pant legs have a perfectly straight gash across the fabric where the teeth touched it. So I won’t buy this model again.
    • Lightning Ascent – The most aggressive and expensive model, very grippy. Can’t add extenders. Won’t buy it—seen too many people break the front hinge, I think it’s a design flaw.

    I’d only buy the EVO Ascent, skip all the other MSR models.

    Patricia Morris

    Hey Andrew,

    Thanks. Totally helpful. From now on I ask before I buy anything. It was my worry about the TSL 225.

    Thanks again. Now I know what i am looking for.


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