Elfin Lakes Hike, April 23 (7am to 8:15 pm)

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    Patricia Morris

    17 people who drove the Elfin Lakes road in 5 cars, 10 chains and 20 snow tires, on the best Saturday we have had in a long time. There were potholes and snow on the road. Six had never done the hike. Two were guests. 11 ate in a snow fort with the elves at Elfin Shelter. (Meaning the snow was so high that it made the shelter look small, like a home for elves.)

    The sun was inspiringly warm, with many clouds taking various forms to entertain us.


    One hiker was disappointed there was no lake at the lake. A guest hiker who practiced yoga on the trail thought maybe he might want to join the club even though his feet were soaked and cold. One late driver said he definitely didn’t want to snowshoe ever again. And successful walker didn’t know who she to blame most for her complete proud exhaustion.


    Thank you Carole for organizing a most complex logistics and a safe great day hiking the winter route. We can honestly say we couldn’t have done this trip without her.

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    Craig Speirs

    We’ll done Carol and NSH!!!

    Mountain yoga nice!

    I know nothing about yoga, but I’m ready to learn..

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