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    Jatinder Sidhu
    A nice easy trip for this week’s midweek hike – ahead of the expected rain, and with the temperature (at least initially) forecast as 15℃. In the event, despite an 8.30am start, the sun warmed things up well into the high 20s. So just as well that much of the trail took us (Lidia, Richard, James, Tracy, Carole and Elaine) through some lovely, cool, forested areas.
    Starting just behind the Eagle Express ski-lift we climbed up the very dusty and at times slippery Baden Powell trail to Cabin Lake, and admired the views from Black Mountain’s North and South Peaks. From there to the Eagle Bluffs lookout, complete with resident ravens and chipmunks eager to snatch any food they could, if we’d let them.
    The views were generally good – but a clear band of smog was visible to the North, and from the Bluffs the Vancouver Island coastline appeared to melt into the sea, thanks to the haze. Despite the near-drought conditions the ponds still contain plenty of water, and glorious yellow-flowered lilies.
    On our way back Lidia, Richard and new NSH member James jumped into Cabin Lake and swam in the cool, clear waters, just a short distance from a gaggle of excited kids. (Note to self: always pack swimming gear on summer hikes.)
    It would have been nice to come back via the trail which follows the Panorama ski run (from near the top of the Eagle Express chairlift) but that’s closed due to the ‘Eagle Coaster’ run ($29 for 2 minutes of fun). <i class=””>North Shore News </i>breathlessly reported the opening of the rollercoaster by asking: “Looking for a thrilling adventure in the mountains this summer?” We all know where the real adventure lies.
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