Dog Mt. , Saturday, Dec. 16, 2023

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    Caroline Kautz

    I missed Emilia Panakova’ s hike up Dog Mountain this last Saturday, but word relayed to me is that she led an awesome hike.  Emilia led a snowy adventure through winter wonderland. The first kilometer was so snow-covered that even Frosty the Snowman would have been impressed. Beyond the lake the trail became slippery, and they all put on their microspikes.

    The trail was not crowded at all, making it the perfect spot for a serene and relaxing hike. The views at the top were stunning as usual. The weather was just right, 10 degrees Celsius.  The colours on the hike were like a painter’s dream – yellow, brown, and green trees against a yellow sky.  Photo attached.

    Now about the main stay on Dog Mountain – Crafty the kleptomaniac crow was there as usual with her new partner in crime Gossipy Gaby. The two crows were on the mountain for the snacks as usual and Crafty has a knack for stealing sandwiches and protein bars faster than you can tell them to “get lost.”  It was clear that Crafty’ s new partner in crime, Gossipy Gaby, was more interested in the two handsome young guests on Emilia’s hike. Birdwatching on a North Shore Hikers’ hike can become scandalous and quickly. Emilia knows how to hike up the drama!

    Thank you Emilia for leading this hike for the club!!

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