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    Karen Peters

    On Saturday seven of us met at Deep Cove Lookout, put on our spikes, loaded up our snowshoes and started up the Perimeter Trail. It was 9:30 on the dot.

    Trail conditions at the beginning were a mix of bare ground and frozen snow patches. We passed the Goldie Lake area and the first lookout without incident – meaning we did not encounter the usual caution tape, “No Trespassing” signs and Seymour Resort’s patrols trying to turn back unpaid-up hikers. Nor was there any sign of the usual groomed snowshoe trails in this particular area. And yet my gps tells me we took the exact same route that I have in the past. I am puzzled about this.

    At the second lookout we abandoned the flagged Perimeter Trail, took our bearings, and struck out cross-country for de Pencier Bluffs. By now the snow cover was continuous but still hardpacked. We kept our spikes on.

    Lunch was had at the top of the bluffs in glorious sunshine. We were able to make out the crowds on Pump Peak in the distance and were glad to have the peak all to ourselves.

    After lunch we picked our own route to Brockton Point, there being no established trail, then joined the main snowshoe trail to the base of the Seymour downhill area. Here we ducked into the trees again and made our own tracks back to the Perimeter Trail using a short stretch of Seymour’s groomed snowshoe trails (again, no patrols were encountered) and some mild bushwacking. From there it was a short descent back to our cars. Total time was 5 hours to the minute.

    Thank you to Martin, Maurice, Katy, Pam, Anita and Diane for joining me on this outing.

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    Katy Poon

    Hello everyone.. here is the link to my photo album and thanks everyone for sharing the photos.

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