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    Katy Poon

    This is a special spring snowshoes trip…. we were in the forest making our own trails.   There were no designated snowshoe trails… but it is very safe as we make sure everyone is comfortable at their own pace.   The spring snow conditions make going up and down more challenging but we all had a lot of fun pushing our own limits…. a big thank you for the encouraging leader, Martin.

    The return trip (car to car) just took over 4 hours with “many” stop ’n go… no one needed a real break until we arrived at the top of Hollyburn Mountain.   We then have a well deserved long and leisure lunch break bathing in the sunshine.   We had the entire peak to ourselves except a few whisky jack trying to “share” our lunches…. 

    I learned from my last Eagle Bluffs hike that I need to guard my food  ALL THE TIMES…. I lost my plastic box of trail mix when a crow scooped it out of my backpack as soon as I walked away from it.

    This reminds me to thank Martin again for leading the April 29 Eagle Bluffs exploratory snowshoes trip.. Both this Cypress scramble and the Eagle Bluffs exploratory hikes are safe, fun and out of the ordinary trails.

    Check out the schedule for another adventure to Paul Ridge this Wednesday 5/17.

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