Cranberry Trail Cycle – October 12, 2021

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    Holly Evans

    9 chilly riders set off from Citadel Landing next to the Fraser River under cloudy skies and very cool temperatures.  Before long, we were enjoying the beautiful scenery along the Pitt River dike.  We stopped for a minute next to the marina, where we reminisced about the missing outhouse and listened to the Cristina’s colourful version of how Pitt Meadows acquired the floating bridge from Washington.  We passed lots of cranberry bogs alongside the many dikes and backroads, but none were being harvested.  Only one had the remains of a harvest with the bog still partly flooded.  After a brief snack stop along the dike next to a pumpkin farm/corn maze, we headed towards the Fraser River for a hot drink and seating off the ground at Osprey Village.  Finally, when we were rewarded with a cranberry harvest on the last bog we passed on the Pitt River Regional Greenway.  It was awesome!  We took lots of pictures and started on the home stretch satisfied that we got what we came for.  And, we beat the rain by about 5 minutes!  Thanks to Cristina, Ye, Jenni, Bern, Jeannie, Tom, Katy and Ken for the pleasure of your company.

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