Bridge to bridge along Burnaby foreshore trail, March 27 2021

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    AvatarYe Chu

    The Burnaby foreshore trail is finally complete and one can ride continuously along the water’s edge from Knight street bridge to almost to Queensborough bridge. An absolutely peaceful and pretty ride. We had a new member join us today and she and another strong biker zoomed up the last steep hill (a stiff 600m up). Even though two of us walked up, I think they only beat us by a few minutes. We stopped at the spectacular La Foret Bakery on the way back for a treat. From there, I pieced together an easy and quiet way back that was almost all downhill to Trout lake.

    Leader’s note: since the pandemic started, I have rediscovered biking and it has been like travelling around the world as I discover new coastal rain forests, greenways, beaches, lakes, sweet neighbourhoods, cities and the cultural/historical icons of an area. We are very lucky that we can bike all year long in Vancouver and I encourage you to take your old bike out of the garage, get it tuned up and come join us. In four hours, you will enjoy a plethora of amazing scenery in the company of like minded people. Hope to see you on my next ride…Cheers, Ye

    AvatarBrenda Brisson

    Thanks Ye for your hard work in organizing these trips, such a pleasure. I always enjoy your attention to detail, sourcing out a bakery here and there, and the bits of historical information you seem to have on some aspect of the trip. Such a delight. I look forward to more of your trips!



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