Black Mountain to Eagle Bluffs March 30

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    Avatarwendy mccarter-capps

    Four hikers braved the glowering skies to trek up to Black Mountain then thru to Eagle Bluffs. Views at the Bluffs were a bit…misty…!  Not to be elitist but not one other person shared our brief lunch spot on the rocks. Its quite unusual to be the only ones  at the end point. Most of us even had found parking in the upper lot at Cypress downhill area… also a rarity this winter. Perhaps because we started our hike at 4am? Just kidding. We started at 9am. Pristine snow, interesting conversation, and always invigorating to be outdoors.

    Bengul KurtarBengul Kurtar

    Thank you, Wendy!

    You can see my pics from the hike:

    p.s.: I have a few additional photos where I continued to hike along the creek to Yew Lake after the Black Mountain Eagle Bluffs hike. You can see how much snow in the ground nearby the creek…

    See you on the trails!


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