Bike to Spanish Banks and Walk at Low Tide, Jun 23, 2021

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    Bengul Kurtar

    I couldn’t make Lesley’s “Bike to Spanish Banks and Walk at Low Tide” trip yesterday. But Lesley has offered another trip today! We couldn’t see any sea gooseberries (Pleurobrachia bachei) today. Lesley showed me a clip from yesterday while sea gooseberries floating in the low water areas. We had easterly wind today. Maybe that was the reason sea gooseberries were not there… We saw a seal, a lot of Pacific Great Blue Herons, seagulls,  gold eagle, dog walkers while literally walking for miles (through a field of clam shells) and still not reaching the water. Swainson’s Thrush were singing when we set down for lunch… 

    Thank you so much for this trip, Lesley!

    This was the first time I have ever done this walk on water in Vancouver! If you haven’t walked on the ocean floor at low tide at Spanish Banks beach, I highly recommend it! Don’t forget to check the tide tables before you go… 

    Please see my pics from here:

    See you on the trails,



    Katy Poon
    Thank you Bengul beat me to send the report…and well done!
    What you saw on Wednesday, we saw them all on Tuesday plus the sea gooseberries.
    A short summary on these jolly jellies from Lesley’s resources:
    “Looks like a Ctenophore (comb jelly). Most common around here is Sea Goosberry, <i>Pleurobrachia bachei</i>. Very weird and beautiful invertebrate, actually in its own Phylum, and not a true jelly!”
    The link to Anne’s photos and video:
    If you missed the bike and walk this month… there is another one scheduled in July!   Thank you Lesley for leading these interesting trips.
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